25 Authors of Christmas with Nikki Duncan

The days are ticking down until Santa decides… were you naughty or nice this year? Author Nikki Duncan has stopped by today to answer some fun holiday questions. She’s also offering one lucky reader the chance to walk away with an e-copy of their choosing from her backlist.

Heart stopping puppy chases, childhood melodrama and the aborted hangings of innocent toys are all in a day’s work for Nikki Duncan. This athletic equestrian turned reluctant homemaker turned daring author, is drawn to the siren song of a fresh storyline.

Nikki plots murder and mayhem over breakfast, scandalous exposes at lunch and the sensual turn of phrase after dinner. Nevertheless, it is the pleasurable excitement and anticipation of unraveling her character’s motivation that drives her to write long past the witching hour.

The only anxiety and apprehension haunting this author comes from pondering the mysterious outcome of her latest twist.

Nikki’s latest release Her Miracle Man came out Nov. 2012




Thanks for stopping by and chatting with us today
Thanks for having me!


What are some of your holiday traditions?
You mean aside from spending more money than I should on gifts? At least that’s hubby’s opinion. 😉 Let’s see, we get together with my family and have lasagna and then open presents and make lots of noise. The noise is a given with my family. Then on Christmas morning my in-laws come over to watch the girls open their presents. We normally have some sort of meal with them, but that changes every year.

Also, my oldest daughter and I love to bake. We take on dessert for both get togethers and we always make more than we should. J


Do you decorate the outside of your house?
Generally we put something outside. Sometimes we only put some of the stuff out, it really just depends on how busy we are. This year, the only thing that’s gone out so far (and my daughters are working on it as I type this) are some new lights we got to go along the sidewalk. When we get up into the attic tomorrow we’ll decide just how much decorating we want to do this year.


What’s the best gift that you’ve ever received?
That would have to be a doll that I got when I was a kid. She was as tall as me so it was like having a girlfriend I could always have with me.


What is the one song that officially makes it Christmas for you?
The Chipmunks Christmas Song – Love me some Chipmunks

Which color, red or green and why?

Red. It’s just more cheerful for some reason. I have red and gold decorations for one of my trees, and because I’m a tad OCD at times, I find red and gold wrapping paper every year. Then I top off the presents with a pretty bow with red and gold.


I think the most important question of all is… are you on Santa’s Naughty or Nice list? 
(if you were naughty here is where you can plead your case)

I struggle with this question on a daily basis. I even have a sign in my office that says “Pretending I’m a nice person day after day is exhausting.” It suits me. I do try to be nice, but sometimes Naughty Nikki exposes herself and casts Nice Nikki into shadow. Then there are my children. If you ask the oldest she’ll tell you I’m nice. If you ask the youngest you’ll hear how naughty I am. We’ll just leave my husband and sisters out of the equation because one can never know what they’ll say. 😉

Hmm. I don’t think I did a very good job of answering the question or pleading my case.


5 Thoughts on “25 Authors of Christmas with Nikki Duncan

  1. New flannel pajamas, preferably plaid!

  2. Awesome giveaway! Cool blog tour, too-love the interviews.

    Old follower 🙂 Check out my blog?
    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland

  3. I would wish for my kids and the grandkids to come home this year.

    Happy holidays,

  4. Lets see, Interview question: Holiday tradition; I do all the Holidays but Thanksgiving so both sides of family are at the house Christmas eve for dinner, then Christmas day Dad will be here from NH and MIL stays over to hang out and not be alone, I make breakfast and then dinner later in the day so you can tell that I spend the time cooking. Thank god I love to cook…Christmas Wish List: That people would stop being jerks…I work in EMS and the events in my state, CT, with the Newtown incident has taken its tole on all of us. I am tired of seeing the terrible side of human nature. I decided yesterday when I saw an example of how awful people can be that I am thankful my Daughter is a corrections officer and works with the scum of the earth every day because she is most likely safer than teachers. Sorry for the rant but I am in a sad place right now. I need to get back in the spirit. On that note, I would love to win…Sounds to Die
    For looks good…Happy Holidays!

  5. I am hoping for a Kindle Fire


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