Excerpt: Infinity by Sedona Venez

(Valkyries: Soaring Raven #1)
By: Sedona Venez
Publisher: Self-published
Published: Jan. 17, 2013
Genre: New Adult/Paranormal Romance

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Infinity discovers a dark secret from her past that rocks everything she knows to be true.
Infinity is a troubled 22-year-old superstar singer with the worst reputation for drugs and hard partying. Now, she is on the road to a comeback with her controversial tour. But everything about doing the concert feels wrong from missing employees, to anonymous threats to ruin her career. Things spiral further out of control as she wrestles control of her life and career from a relationship that crossed the fine line between love and obsession. She deals with a powerful corporation determined to kill her and everyone she loves.

Infinity knows too much, with no way out.

Now she must put her safety and trust in the hands of sexy, tattooed and delicious Torch Channing and Boulder Vigari, hired to keep her from getting killed. Boulder wants to make her his. He won’t stop until he claims her. Torch struggles with his primal need to possess her and his hatred of everything she represents.

Infinity is determined to protect her heart while dealing with the pressure of pulling off another successful tour without spiraling into another mental meltdown.


She gave me the universal parent stare—the stare that told me to shut the hell up if I knew what was good for me. So I shut up, shivering and delirious, imagining the sordid entertainment news story tearing into my impending tragic death:

Infinity, superstar singer and actress, froze to death last night at the luxury estate of her mother, beauty guru, Kara Montgomery. It is speculated that her life ended in a horrible fashion mess. Crime scene photos showed frozen, bare-faced Infinity wearing scruffy workout wear and hair pulled into an unkempt, but cute, up-do. Was this an act of an enraged stylist? Or a mother gone crazy? Stay tuned for an in-depth exposé of the life and times of a drugged-out superstar…

Mom was stomping around, staring at the sky, mumbling like a deranged woman—something I was unfortunately used to. Her pale, unblemished skin flushed as she angrily whipped her head around to glare at me with those haunted violet eyes. “Do you feel that, Infinity?”

Should I pretend to faint, hoping she would leave me alone? Nope, she would probably nudge me with the tip of her boot until I answered. She was stubborn like that. Exasperated, I rolled my bright emerald eyes before responding. “Mom, this is crazy. I’m standing out here freezing my ass off.”

Impatiently, she snapped her waist-length blond ponytail over her shoulder. Her eyes held an intense, regal air that annoyed me at times like this, as her voice came out as a weird commanding rumble. Mom was pissed. “And you’ll continue to freeze your ass off. All night. Until you give me what I want.”

My teeth chattered as I jumped up and down trying to keep warm. “Yes, okay? Something feels weird tonight, and before you ask, yes I’m opening all my senses. I really can’t tell what the problem is.”

She paced back and forth in deep thought. Occasionally, she would stop and stare at the ravens that croaked adamantly as if passing on some secret Masonic message.

“Okay, Mom, you’re making me real nervous with the pacing. What’s going on?” I wasn’t joking—she was making me real nervous. I could feel her tension and anxiety emanating from her like a beacon.

She stopped cold, looking at me with worried eyes. “Trouble. Trouble is coming.”

My heart stopped. She was freaking me out. “And what type of trouble are we talking about? Trouble, like my hair stylist broke her leg right before the concert and I’m reduced to having Zoe do my hair? Or BIG trouble, like I might not make it to the concert due to death?”

Her gaze shifted away and back to the sky. “I can’t really tell.”


Sedona Venez writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, and science fiction romance. She lives in the North East in the city that never sleeps.


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