Excerpt: Midnight Engagement by Eliott McKay

Midnight Engagement
By: Eliott McKay
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Published: Feb. 1, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Some people inherit family businesses, while others receive hand-me-downs, Michaela gets an atrocious pair of spectacles that hide her true identity — the one she doesn’t know about!

Michaela is part-vampire and very unaware of it until she is abducted to a banished city by a werewolf who secretly loves her. It is her inherited duty to keep the peace between the Silva, her bloodthirsty kin, and the city, by attending a midnight summit held each year.

Michaela is thrust in to a chaotic mix of emerging vampire traits, a fight to maintain her humanity, and a die-hard curiosity for the aloof, mysterious wolf-man. The fate of the city rests in her hands and she must choose between peace for its inhabitants and the man she loves.


Feeling drained, and walking aimlessly, Michaela once again found herself in the relishing predicament of finding her lost bedroom. She made her way down a dark, circular corridor, which looked like every other hallway in this crazily designed place, and was just beginning to suspect she was on the wrong floor when the hair on the back of her neck stood up.

“Lost?” a magnetic voice rumbled from the dark.

Unnerved, Michaela’s insides seemed to unhinge, and were it not for the upper epidermal layers of her body, her internal organs might have floated absently away. Determined not to let this strange physical response get the better of her, Michaela struggled to regain her composure, mentally re-cinching her come-apart hinge.

Conrad’s silhouette stained the windowsill. He sat looking out over the stables, the bubbly, amber panes pushed wide open. The air was cool and smelled of hay and evergreen, and crickets strummed their love songs in the grasses far below.

“As a matter of fact, yes, would you mind pointing me in the right direction?”

The moonlight glinted the amusement in his eyes.

“Love to … m’lady,” he said, mocking the title with a long drawl as he hopped down from the sill. A warning shiver crept up both arms as he approached, which she ignored. “Shall we?”

He gestured down a hallway she had not previously noticed.

“You have excellent night vision,” Michaela mocked back.

Conrad said nothing but his lip twitched in what she was starting to suspect was a telltale sign. A few floors and staircases later, Michaela began to identify with her surroundings and was soon standing before the etched door, which stood wide open, revealing the remnants of torn sheets from her botched escape attempt.

“Glad to see the pillows at least survived,” Conrad said. “Would hate for you to lose one of those.” His tone implied it would be a shame, and the blood rushed to Michaela’s face. His presence was like a lure and Michaela struggled to find suitable conversation.

“Conrad?” Her body thrilled at the pronounced usage of his name. It had the warming effect of hot cider and made her feel a tad light-headed. “Would you mind giving me a tour of the castle so I can stop getting lost?”

“Of course, if you wish,” he said, “but it won’t help. And besides, I kind of like you being lost.”

Lost? Where was she now?

Michaela, who had unfortunately been tutored by a professional recluse, snapped back to attention and changed the subject with all imperative haste.

“So,” she spouted breathily, “did I pass the test?”

Conrad seemed taken off guard by the sudden swerve in the conversation, but leaned toward her anyway. She could feel his breath in her hair.


Michaela’s heart leapt into her throat as her body flooded with alarm. A look flickered across Conrad’s face, almost as if he suspected what was happening to her, and then he was gone with a simple: “My lady.”

Michaela stood in the doorway gasping.

“Yes. Lost. Definitely,” she whispered.



Eliott McKay has spent the past five years in ten different countries and uses her suitcase as a dresser. She has a great love of learning, enjoys spending time with friends and family, and travels light, viewing excess as a burden. Her favorite place on earth is riding through the vineyards in the south of France on her bicycle. She comes from a large family, holds the reigning title of favorite aunt to several nieces and nephews, and sees value in every person she meets. Adventure finds her wherever she goes, particularly in the books she reads and writes, and her self-acclaimed mission in life is to: “Spread joy everywhere!”


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