Excerpt: Love Me Do by H. A. Kay

 photo lmd_zpsde22fa5f.jpgLove Me Do
By: H. A. Kay
Publisher: Self-published
Published: Nov. 25, 2014
Genre: Contemportary Chick-Lit

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Zaed, Sophie’s American-born friend, kneels at a party to retrieve a glittering ring from the floor. Before anyone can comment, Natasha, Sophie’s cousin, is shrieking ‘yes, yes, I accept’ to a bewildered Zaed. It’s all a cosmic mistake, but things get out of hand rapidly as Zaed’s father, an old friend of Natasha’s father, bribes Zaed to accept Natasha’s expectations and wed her. But then, Zaed and Sophie fall in love. And the huge, elaborate wedding between Zaed and Natasha, a wedding that will join two powerful families, is next week.You don’t just back out at the altar. Not in Pakistan…



“So, that’s it?” he scrunched his eyes at the horizon. “No romantic folklores? Sanjanpur has no Heer Ranjha to boast?”
I smiled at him for making that reference. I had no idea he knew any of that stuff; the hardcore, Pakistani-only Romeo and Juliet stuff.
“You’ve read about them?” I asked.
He shook his head. “Heard about them.”
“Romantic folklore is quite overrated if you ask me,” I confessed. “I’m a romance buff but I just don’t get the unrequited, undeclared love thing.”
“Huh?” He looked a little surprised. “It’s hard to declare love.”
“And why?” I eyed him curiously. “If you love her, tell her.”
He couldn’t possibly guess I’d read something I shouldn’t have but it was obvious enough whom he meant. He was engaged after all. He didn’t reply instantly. But his lopsided smile and the unintentional roll of the eyes said much. When he saw me staring at him he cleared his throat.
“Well,” he said leaning closer as if to confide. “My greatest fear is she might beat me up.”
No, she wouldn’t. You’re engaged!
Besides, she couldn’t possibly beat him up, even if she tried.
“Yeah, right.” I eyed his athletic frame. “With that body, you’re greatest fear must be being beaten up by women.” Sometimes, I wondered if it would give out a brassy clink if I tapped on his chest…
“Wait.” His eyes flashed. “Did you just compliment my abs?”
“No, I didn’t.” Did I? “I just meant you’re burly.”
“Burly?” He scoffed at the term. “I’m not burly. I’ve got the most absolutely tough and toned and – okay, you gotta see this!”
He untucked his shirt that he wore underneath his cashmere and pulled both the tops up. It wasn’t until I saw his stomach that I realized what he was doing.
I grabbed the ends of his shirt and sweater and pulled them down.
“Are you insane?” I shrieked.
“Seeing is believing,” he said, lifting them up again.
“I believe! Please, stop stripping!”
To my surprise, I was laughing. I probably should have panicked more since we were out on the terrace and anyone could’ve walked in on us. If they did, they’d probably see me wedged up against Zaed with my hands virtually tucked in the belt of his pants.
Yeah, not good!
But I just couldn’t help myself. Where did he get these ideas? I mean where?!
“If you just let go!” He tried to speak between his own chuckles. “I won’t –”
I nearly fainted at the sound of Batool’s voice calling my name. I turned sharply towards the entrance of the terrace but nobody stood there. She must’ve been in the hallway.
“I gotta go. She’s looking for me.”
I tried pulling away but Zaed gripped my hands and held me in place.
“Don’t go,” he leaned in closer and whispered.
Startled, I looked at his face. I’d never heard him use that voice before. There was also something in his presence that I hadn’t felt before. That heat. It surged through my veins, from head to toe, shaking me breathless.
Yes. I didn’t want to go. I just wanted to stand there on that terrace with him.
“Sophia! You there?”
Batool’s call broke my trance and I shushed Zaed before he could even speak.
“Tuck in!” I ordered him and tore away.
“Sophia!” he called when I was almost at the entrance. “You really think I should tell her?”
And just like that, cruelly, I was pulled back to reality. My cousin’s fiancé wanted to know if he should declare his love for her.
“Yes!” I said with a smile that now hurt my face. “Tell her.”
Then, I went inside; leaving him standing alone in the cold, the crumpled corners of his shirt still peeping from under his cashmere.


I was in grade 7, and bunking PE when I read Tolkien’s Two Towers from the LOTR trilogy.
I know what you’re thinking. Certified nerd! I remember what I was thinking. Where had this book been all my life?!
I loved it. I can’t recall the scenes I’d read then but I remember how transfixing Tolkien’s Middle Earth was. I instantly wanted to write something like it.
But such dreams are easily forgotten in the wake of building a real career.
I went ahead and enrolled in a business college and did my MBA with tinselly rainbow colors making a tiara out of my nerd cap. It was a good day. And it was a good year at the bank. But the best time was when I landed at an ad agency’s creative department to write jingles and slogans and slaughter both my languages (Urdu and English) in the process. I learned a lot there. I wrote a lot there. And I became apt in the art of killing my own brainchildren a.k.a self-editing.
Then, I got married. Moved to the United States and started a family.
For two years I was a good stay-at-home mom. Then, I thought I could be good at something else too. I couldn’t decide on what exactly till I stumbled upon my old diary – a leftover from my baby and teen years. I read all the poems and stories I’d written therein; ranging from an ode to Mom to a soul searching monologue. I realized I wasn’t bad. If I worked on my talent I could turn it into a skill. And perhaps be able to write like the numerous authors who’d inspired me for years. A lost afternoon in the school library from so long ago made its way into my present and I remembered the perfect Legolas. I remembered the imperfect Quasimodo, the roguish Rhett Butler and the ruthless Rory Frost too.
Suddenly, I wanted to create such characters and write their stories instilled with M. M. Kaye like descriptions and Crichton like research and Grisham like authenticity all tied together with intense moods borrowed from Victoria Holt. Tolkien’s magic dust and King’s dark secrets would just be the cherry and powdered sugar on top.
I enrolled in a writing program immediately and earned my diploma. Next I wrote and edited for a newbie magazine. I wrote two children’s books (5 Kids and 5 Snowmen and Boondon Ka Khel: The Playful Game of the Tiny Water Droplets), and co-authored a trilogy under the title Aoife and Demon.
Now, it’s Love Me Do.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

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  1. Oh I love this! It’s been quite some time since I read chick-lit and Indian/Bollywood-like tales such as this is such a delight!

  2. This book certainly does sound promising and I like the sound of it! The excerpt was a good read 😀

    Check out my review and giveaway: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2015/01/come-back-to-texas-review.html

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