How is it already September?

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I don’t know about you, but I feel like this year is just flying by. Every time I turn around it’s a new month. It also seems like with every month, a new challenge pops up. For me this month I had some health issues arise. I was getting dizzy and having a hard time focusing. It was kind of scary because no one knew what was going on and why. After a handful of tests the only thing that the doctors could find was that my thyroid levels were a little off. So, hopefully that’s all it was an my body either gets back in line and levels out, or the medicine they gave me fixes the problem. I’m just ready to get back to normal and start feeling better.

So, with that being said, not a whole lot of reading happened… again. Ugh! I’ve exhausted all of my backup reviews that I’ve saved over YEARS of blogging, and I’m a little stressed out about that. Every summer I take part in a reading challenge, and this year I didn’t finish one category. With that being said, I might be taking a bit of a break pretty soon. I’ll still be online and checking out everyone’s posts and talking with you on Instagram, but I might not be posting much of anything myself except for sharing excerpts from books and maybe some discussion posts.


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12 Thoughts on “How is it already September?

  1. I am so sorry to hear of your struggles!! I have been lagging behind on my reading this summer since I have been getting ready and prepared to get into podcasting. But now things are getting better to get back to my reading vibe.

    Hope you get back to your normal self soon love!!

  2. Oh I do hope that dizziness etc does clear up soon, Pursue the medics if it doesn’t, there has to be an answer. I can see how it would put you off reading. Take care.

  3. It blows my mind that we’re in September now! Just crazy how fast the summer went. Anyway the Jennifer Estep series looks fun.

    Hope the dizziness issue turns out to be nothing serious.

    Have a great week!

  4. I know, right? Seems like yesterday I was in Sicily (that was June) for my sister’s wedding…

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well, I’m sure everything will sort out. I’ve had a difficult few months, I’m currently unemployed and looking for work (so things are a bit tense), I’ve talked about this in my post called “A New Beginning”. But I am happy to be back to blogging, though it won’t just be about books! 🙂

    LOVE the doggo picture, it’s priceless!!

  5. I sure hope you’re feeling better these days. Nothing wrong with taking a break to relax and take time for you. I’ll be sure to check on you over on the ‘Gram. Hugs, RO

  6. I have low thyroid (Hypothyroidism) as well as other thyroid issues. When you said your symptoms I was going to tell you to have you thyroid checked. lol I hope the medicine helps. It’s crazy how much a low thyroid can mess with you on so many levels.

  7. Sometimes you just need the break to regroup. We’ll be here when you get back!

    And i hope the thyroid was the issue and you feel better soon.

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

  8. So sorry about the dizziness – a few years back I had a weird vertigo thing going on that lasted a few weeks. I’m still not sure what it was but seemed to finally go away by itself. It was awful so you have my complete sympathy.

    I also can’t believe it’s September but I am loving the cooler weather we have right now!

  9. OMG! Yes! This year is flying, and I’m struggling to keep up! I really hope you are feeling better! My issue is too much work and family interrupting my read/blog life!
    I have a few reviews that I haven’t blogged yet… but I need to schedule one, I’ve run out!

  10. This year really has flown by! They say the older you get, the faster time goes. I’m just not ready for time to go so fast.

    I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. It’s always so darn scary when something like that happens. I hope what you’re doing takes care of it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I need to get my butt in gear and read Kill The Queen! It’s been waiting patiently on my kindle for some attention for too long! Kingdom of Exiles, I’m looking forward to at some point also.

    Love the dog pic! Made me smile. 🙂

    As for wonky thyroids… I know all about that! They suck. I’ve been on meds since my son was 3 months old. I hope you get back to your ‘normal’ soon!

  12. Oh man that is scary. I’ve had a little of the dizzy but have matched it to diet mostly (too many or too few carbs). I hope the tweak helps and you’re feeling more steady soon.

    Gah, yes. It’s flown by. Other than January which never wanted to end the last 3 months were a blink.

    I’m down to 11 posts (mostly December) so definitely ready for Blog Ahead in October. I need it desperately.

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