I’d say it was fun, December, but then I’d be lying.

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Is it already the end of the year?! Holy cow did December fly by.

Well, this month was a whirlwind. I scrambled to get gifts out in the mail in advance. Since there’s only one post office for my town, it gets swamped around this time of year. A dog that I had fostered back in November and who was adopted right before Thanksgiving, wound up being returned. So, she came back to stay with us while she waited for her forever family. I honestly thought we’d have her for Christmas since she was returned right before the holidays, but she found a forever home right before Christmas. She was a sweetheart and I’m sad that she’s gone, but glad that she has finally found a loving home. I also wound up getting the flu the week before Christmas. I don’t think I will ever complain about a simple cold with sniffles again. Right as I was starting to feel better, the government shut down, which meant I was furloughed until further notice. The first couple of days were nice because I still needed to rest up and recover from the flu, but now I’m getting a little stir crazy. Like I said, this month was pretty intense. I’m hoping that next month is a little less chaotic.


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7 Thoughts on “I’d say it was fun, December, but then I’d be lying.

  1. You’re photos are so nice!

    I’m sorry you’re part of this whole shutdown mess.

    Here’s to things getting better in January!

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

    • Thanks, Karen! I have been horribly slacking in the IG department. I’m thinking I might start incorporating more personal style photos in there instead of it always being books. It’s just so hard for me to sit down and take bookish photos.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re flu’ed up, but happy that you managed to find the dog her forever home.
    The government’s shutdown thing is weird. I’m not sure we have the same in the UK. Do you still get paid at least?

  3. That does sound like quite the month! I am sorry to hear that you are having to deal with the shutdown plus having to deal with the flu. I applaud you for being a foster dog mom. I am pretty sure that I would end up adopting all of them. I hope your January is less hectic for you.

  4. Goodness that is a December. Glad you’re feeling better and the pup found a new home. Poor girl going through that, though.

  5. Ugh, I had a sicky December too. Not fun. Hopefully you’re all recovered now?

    The government shutdown stuff is nuts… I struggle to get my head around how that can happen! I mean, I know the ins and outs of why it’s happened but the fact that can happen is what I struggle with.
    Fingers crossed it’s sorted out soon!

  6. That is a hectic month, no wonder it went by quickly. I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well for your holidays. Here’s hoping to a better New Year! Anne – Books of My Heart

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