I Love Twilight!




I am a fan of Twilight!

… there, I said it. You may be wondering why I’m randomly shouting about my love of Twilight on the blog. You see, I’m sick of this stigma the series has. I used to be afraid to say that I enjoyed the books because so many people look down on it. At one of my book club meetings, somehow the discussion came up about them and I had to point out that I actually LIKED the books. They will always hold a special place in my heart because they are actually what got me into reading. I hated having books crammed down my throat in school. So much, that I hated reading and didn’t read anything more than a grocery store magazine… for years! Then after many people badgered me about reading this new phenomenon taking over, I gave in and decided to give it a try. I devoured the series within a week. Which then sparked my interest into reading, which ultimately led me to start blogging about books.


Ya know, I really wish people didn’t judge books and thus the readers who enjoy them so much. I always feel like when Twilight comes up in a conversation (and even years after the books and movies came out, it still does) that I need to both stick up for the books and defend my interest in them at the same time. And, I hate that I feel that way. I hate that people feel like they need to be selective of what they say when the books are discussed. I should be able to say that I loved the Twilight books without fear of judgement. What does it matter if I loved a young adult book about an average girl who falls in love with a vampire? Those books turned me into a reader. I mean, when the holidays rolled around (a few months after I read the series) I asked my mom for the books for Christmas. My sister told me later that when my mom got off the phone with me, she looked at my sister, and said, “I didn’t know your sister read.” Yeah, I wasn’t joking when I said that Twilight got me into reading… it really did.



Twilight not only introduced me to reading but it got me into the urban fantasy/paranormal genres. I’d never read anything with vampires or werewolves before and I found myself fascinated by the world Meyer’s wrote. I mean, here’s this girl who could easily be me, and she falls in love with a vampire, and becomes best friends with a werewolf. I’d never read anything like it and I loved that Bella was so relatable. She wasn’t this kick-ass heroine. She didn’t have any special skill sets, she wasn’t super confident, and she wasn’t drop dead gorgeous. Bella was pretty much me. She was quiet, reserved, awkward, a bit clumsy, and just trying to get by in school. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell. So, with me being able to relate to Bella, I found myself really immersed in her mundane world that became not so mundane when Edward saves her. Once all the paranormal stuff kicked in I couldn’t put the books down to save my life. I was totally zoned in and didn’t come up for air until I read the last word on Breaking Dawn. Then I immediately asked my friend what to read next that would be similar to Twilight… and thus became my love of all things vampire and shifter related.



Now, I will admit that I’m not necessarily a fan of the movies. I don’t know why but they make me uncomfortable. I always feel awkward watching them. I’m not sure if it was the acting or the director’s interpretation of the books, I just always cringe when I watch them. However, every once in a while I like to have a glass or two of wine and pop in the movies for nostalgia reasons. I think my favorite part of the dvd’s is the special features. Once I watched all the work that went on behind the scenes, I appreciated the movies more. I mean, there’s really no school in Forks, they pretty much just put up some green screen walls behind a parking lot and shot people walking around in the parking lot and through the green screen walls. Then they later digitally added in the high school. I would have never guessed it wasn’t a real building! Then, the fact that the Cullen house is a replication that was built and filmed in a warehouse. Oh, and my personal favorite the fact that Taylor did a massive diet and workout change in order to beef up for the second movie. Oh, and let’s not forget that he did his own stunts! There’s just so much behind the scenes work that went into this film and seeing the actors genuinely enjoy the film they are making, really made me appreciate the movies more.



On a side note, I had the opportunity to meet Kellan Lutz this year and he’s a really cool dude. He spent a lot of time talking to each of his fans that showed up to meet him. When it was finally my turn I was in a bit of a rush because I’d spend the entire lunch block standing in line and I had to get out of there ASAP so that my husband (who went with me) could get back to work in time. He still chatted with me and when I asked him to sign my Twilight Saga movies, he started flipping through it saying how it had been a while since he’d seen it. When the Mister came over to take a photo of the two of us, Kellan made a point to shake his hand and talk with him a bit. Needless to say, I had a shit-eating-grin on my face the entire ride back and the Mister just smirked at me.



Okay, now that I’ve written a long post about why I love Twilight, I really want to sit down and reread the series. Ha!


Are you a fan of Twilight?



14 Thoughts on “I Love Twilight!

  1. Oh my! I can’t say I’m a fan but I’ve watched all movies. I have the series in my TBR and haven’t read them yet 🙁

  2. Yes I am a huge fan of Twilight. I used to read here and there contemporary romance before Twilight. Twilight got me reading more and opened up my world of PNR. More so in YA. But after a while I gradually move back up to adult books.

    That is too funny what your mom said. Kellan Lutz what a sweetheart love hearing about actors that are so sweet and think of their fans. I loved the books better than the movies. I still watched them all but I did feel they were more on the cheesy side. I think something new today. Never knew that the school never exsisted.

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  3. When a book or series hits that mega-popularity phase, suddenly – you get a whole bunch of haters and that rubs off on people. I like it when it first became popular, and I still like them. They were great/fun reads!
    Rebecca @ The Portsmouth Review
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  4. Yasssss girl. Twilight started my relationship with YA. So yeah, no regrets. 🙂

  5. Finally! Someone else who loves Twilight as much as I do. I know everyone knocks this series, but I love it. For all the same reasons as you, actually. Bella could totally be me, and this series is what got me into reading and book blogging. And I hate trying to defend myself when it comes up too!

    It’s so nice to find someone else that’s as much of a Twihard-fanpire as I am. I’ve never stopped loving this series and I don’t plan to. I want to reread the whole series again, too.

  6. No need to be afraid, you be you! 🙂 That’s so cool you got to meet Kellan Lutz and he was nice 😀

  7. What a fun experience! 🙂 I also enjoyed this series but I admit, looking back, I think I feel differently about that last book. Even though I enjoyed it when I first read it, I didn’t care for the plot at all. However, that is the usual with me and ending books.

  8. Great post! I love this series too! It’s why I started reading YA and fantasy. I’ll always be glad I read them. I did like you, started the series and devoured it in days!

  9. Just like I love Twillight, sure they might not be the best books out there, but when i read them i loved them so much. They helped me figure out that i liked to read other genres (i basically only had read high and epic fantasy for years before that) and broadened my genre choices and it also made me start reading english books instead of dutch. It always will have a special memory for me because of that and I still fondly remember how much i enjoyed these books.

    And I wish people wouldn’t judge what other people read, I see it both with Twilight and some other books too and it just makes me wonder why. And like you said Bella was relatable and I liked how much i could feel her love for Edward in the books. i also had read very little to no books about vampires and werewolves and really got into both of them after reading twillight.

    I never watched the movies, I liked the books, but I always feel like the movies ruin my own image of the characters and things. So I didn’t watch them. Those are fun behind the scenes fact like how there was no school in Forks.

  10. HUGE fan, Kristin. I’ll sing it from the rooftops, too! Piss on the people who judge others on what they’re reading, turning their noses up at the books. (is that too harsh? Nah!) I was already a big reader when I found Twilight. Actually, I didn’t find it – my older daughter wanted to read it and I read it first so I could give my stamp of approval…or not. I totally did. And Twilight opened so many doors to me. I didn’t read outside literary fiction at the time…boy did that change after meeting Bella and Edward. And I’ve never felt ashamed. I’ve actually re-read Twilight an *ahem* embarrassing number of times. 😉 But they helped me re-discover teen literature and discover the awesomeness of Fantasy, Paranormal, and Urban Fantasy books…all with a heaping dose of romance. 😉
    I read in a judgement-free reading zone and I pass that along to every other reader. I’m always thrilled to see anyone else reading. That’s the only thing that counts in my book. 🙂

    So cool you met Kellen. It’s nice he was so “real” in person. And I love that your Mister was left smirking. 😉

  11. I love this!! I’m a proud fan of this series. Books and movies. Like you, it got me into reading again and introduced me to a genre I had never read before. I will always be thankful for this series and wish people would stop bashing it!

  12. I’m a huge fan of Twilight, too, and I think it’s time for a re-read for me. I’ve never officially reviewed the books. It does make me wonder how a review would be received at this point because there is so much hate out there.

    This was a great idea for a post. I always love anything that reminds me of Twilight! 🙂

  13. Sarah C. on 13 February, 2017 at 7:41 am said:

    Yes I am a fan of twilight!!!! The books is what got me back into reading hardcore.. One of my favorite memory’s is sitting outside in my car at the library, freezing my tail off reading the twilight books. I had to have complete silence when reading them because it felt like I literally jumped into the books and was a fly on the wall!! I want to reread them too!!!

  14. I am so, so happy to have read this post. I feel like Twilight catches so much flack, but I absolutely loved the series and don’t understand why people bash it. I actually thought the writing and characterization were very good and would love to read the books again.

    Have you read HOST by Stephenie Meyer? I thought it was even better than her Twilight Saga, and for me that’s saying a lot. 🙂

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