It’s finally fall!

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I’m really excited that fall is finally here. I mean, I’ve sort of been celebrating fall since the end of August when I broke out all my fall decor, and clothes, but not now it’s acceptable to wear my Halloween leggings out in public. LoL

The past couple of weeks have been pretty low-key. Last weekend we checked out a local farmers market and went to the Joshua Tree Art Expo. This week started the #contemporaryathon. I had set out to read four books, but sadly I only finished three of them. However, they were three books I’ve had sitting on my shelves for years. So it was nice to finally brush them off and read them.



New Arrivals

Thank you Disney-Hyperion, Berkley, and Gallery Books for The Lying Woods , Fight or Flight, and My Favorite Half-Night Stand.



Read recently

Blood Magic was this month’s read for a PNR book club I’m part of. It was kind of confusing since the author didn’t really do any world development or take time to explain things to the readers.

Umbertouched is the second half of the Rosemarked duology. It was a good conclusion but I wish the author didn’t just drop us in the middle of where we left off in the last book. I needed a bit of a refresher in order to get my bearings.

Heroes are my Weakness has been sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust for a while. I had a rough start with this one since the heroine is a ventriloquist and has full blown conversations with her puppets all the time, but once the story started rolling and she got more human interaction, it became less weird. Ha!

The Handsome Girl and Her Beautiful Boy was a really interesting story. I’d read so many mixed reviews on it and was really nervous to read it, but I found myself unable to put the book down. Another big thank you to Karen from FWiW for sending me her review copy.

There’s Someone Inside Your House was a book I won last Halloween. I’d been waiting for the season to roll back around so that I could read this. I will be honest and say I was a bit disappointed in it. I thought it would be more of a thriller, but in the end it was a YA romance with some blood involved. I never felt like I needed to look over my shoulder while reading this.



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8 Thoughts on “It’s finally fall!

  1. I’ll celebrate Fall once the temps drop below 90. lol

  2. It’s good to know that Umbertouched drops us in where the last book left off. I’ll have to revisit Rosemarked before I read it.

  3. Good job on the contemporaryathon (love that name)- 3 books is awesome! And yay for fall- my favorite season!!

    I thought There’s someone was disappointing too, honestly. The Lying Wood sounds promising!

  4. I’m so excited it’s officially Fall – this is my favorite time of the year. I really liked There’s Someone Inside Your House, but it was definitely less of a mystery than I’d originally thought.


  5. Some great looking books. Hope you enjoy them all.
    sherry @ fundinmental Sunday Memes

  6. There’s Someone Inside Your House has been on my radar since it got released, but boooo I thought it would be a thriller too 🙁 And YESSSSSSSSSSS to the Halloween legging time *happy dance*

  7. I’m SO jealous. Sitll mid-90’s and humid as hell here.

    i have The Lying Woods too. I’m glad you posted it because they sent it so long ago – I forgot about it lol

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

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