My first Bloggiesta is over!



So Bloggiesta is finally over and I must say… wow! I love that it was a week long event because there was a lot of stuff covered. Every day we had an hour long twitter chat where the feed was speeding on by. Not to mention the mini challenges that were set up to help you with your site, and accomplishing your personal goals, it wasย  a busy week. I will admit that I never did complete all the goals I set out but I got the major one down and that was reformatting all my older posts so that they all look the same. It was 2 1/2 years worth of posts and in the end I made 529 revisions. Gah! It took me three days to do it and on the last day I sat here for 7 straight hours working on it. Needless to say, once that was complete I was done. The last thing I wanted to do was go through my GoodReads TBR list and clear out any books that don’t interested me anymore or do the same with my e-readers. I have accumulated a lot of freebie books over the years that I know I won’t be reading. Not to mention all the electronic arc’s I’ve gotten over time that I haven’t deleted off my device.ย  Below were my goals for the event.

  • Clean up broken links from the blogger->wp switchโ€ฆ from 2 years ago
  • Clean out Bloglovin feed of inactive blogs
  • Check out past mini-challenges
  • Participate in at least 2 mini challenges during Bloggiesta
  • Participate in all #Bloggiesta Twitter chats *
  • Organize Goodreads TBR list
  • Delete/Archive ebooks from my devices that Iโ€™ve already read or no longer plan to read


The only one I almost completed was the twitter chat. I had to miss Friday’s chat because it was the same time as the Mister’s softball game. I’m still really proud of what I did though. I even did more things than I planned. I added a favicon so that when you are on the site you will now have the lime green logo at the beginning of the url tab. I also messed around with JetPack and made it so that people can be notified of replies to their comments. So be sure to check that off when you comment on a post from now on so you will be notified. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m really excited about that because I love when I go to a blog, leave a comment or question about the book, I get an email letting me know that I have a response. It’s really an awesome feature and I feel bad that I never thought to get it sooner. If the new feature doesn’t work out so well, let me know. I was going back and forth whether to get the one I currently have or to switch to Disqus. So please give me your feedback on that. I’m sure there were other things I did but I can’t remember it all. Bloggiesta definitely helped push me to do things that I’d been putting off. Plus, it gave me some awesome ideas on things to do in the future and ways to improve my site. The next Bloggiesta will be in June. Ifย  you haven’t taken part in it before and you have a blog, I highly suggest that you do. For all my readers out there, I hope you enjoy the new changes.

Are there any changes you would like to see on the blog? Do you like the current follow replies feature or would you prefer Disqus?



18 Thoughts on “My first Bloggiesta is over!

  1. Great work during Bloggiesta Kristin. Wow all that reformatting of posts and checking links – a real marathon. If I do move to WordPress I will look forward to the comment luv and one that notifies of replies to comments.

    • Yeah. I’m currently trying to figure out the whole notifying thing. I was thinking about Disqus but you have to have a Disqus, FB, Twitter, or Google account in order to comment. So anyone who doesn’t have that can’t comment. :\ So I’m currently trying out a different plug-in. I’m not sure it’s going so well…

  2. I’m signing up for replies to my email. Someone please reply that is not Kristin so I can see how it works. I think that is a great feature.
    Kristin-can you change what is says next to the Notify button below? Or have choices? Just wonderingvwhatvoptions you were given.

    • That happened with me on another blog. I clicked to follow their comments and it emailed me to let me know that Kristin was following my comments. LoL I’m not sure if there is a glitch or if it’s a bad plug-in. I tried the subscribing thing with the Mister’s email but it wouldn’t go though but I wasn’t sure if that was because it’s the same IP address? I changed the pink text that says that you can be notified by checking the below box but the actual text next to the box itself I wasn’t able to find a way to change since it’s part of the actual plug in. The part that I changed was part of my blog’s coding not the plug-in.

  3. Congrats on a great first-time and extremely productive Bloggiesta, Kristin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow, you did great! Don’t worry about not doing everything at the list, only cleaning broken links takes forever!

    I love bloggiesta, hope to see you next time ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Looking at your green hair on Twitter and then your purple hair in your gravatar just makes me miss my purple hair. I need to repurple my hair.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your fist Bloggiesta! This was my fourth. I loved the week-long format. And, the Twitter chats were great. I love your favicon. It’s awesome! Good job on accomplishing all you did!

    • I loved that it was a week long. I learned so much stuff and it was great chatting with everyone on Twitter. I definitely did more than I initially thought I would.

  6. I’m glad you had a good time! This was my first time too! It was a long week, but a productive one. ๐Ÿ˜€ I had a lot of fun with the Twitter chats too. I learned a lot and just loved chatting with other bloggers. The only bad thing about this week… I didn’t have time to read as much because I was so focused on blogging. lol

    • I was worried when I signed up that I’d be the only newbie joining this time. I’ve seen it pop up on my twitter feed before but never knew what it was. I didn’t really read either. I started a book on Tuesday and I’m only halfway through. Normally I can breeze through a book in a couple days. I also didn’t get a lot of normal blogging done like socializing and blog hopping because I was working on the technical stuff on the blog.

  7. Sounds like you had a productive week and got a lot doen blogging wise. I still have to reformat some old posts as well and clean out my bloglovin feed. I just never seem to find the time or inspiration to do it, maybe I’ll join blogiesta next time. I added a favicon to my site a few weeks ago, it’s just so fun to have your own favicon. I use the subscribe to comments reloaded plugin so people can get notified of replies. I didn’t realize jetpack had an option for that as well, although I am not sure if jetpack only gives you replies to your comment or all new comments on a post.

    • I tried the reloaded first and plugged in the Mister’s email information commented, then waited… no email, so then I logged in under my name and replied but still nothing was sent. I wanted to make sure it not only worked but what it looked like. So I’m not sure if it knew it was all coming from the same IP address and wouldn’t actually put it through or if it wasn’t working on my blog. So I went into my JetPack and am trying that one. I know that there are plug-ins where it will notify you every time someone comments on the same post. Mainly because during the hop I clicked the subscribe button and wound up with a ton of random emails. :shrugs shoulders: I’ve no idea if that’s what the JetPack does or not. Disqus looks/sounds so cool and is so neat with it’s display and email notifications but at the same time I’ve heard a lot of bad things about it and how frustrated people get with it and having to log-in with their social media vs a simple email. I just don’t know… I’m hoping I get some feedback on what my readers would prefer and I can get something that works for everyone.

  8. You did fantastic for your first Bloggiesta! I can’t believe all the posts you reformatted. You are a much better person than me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great job!

  9. Great job with your to-do list! I’m still working on my broken links, but have several years to go through and I’m doing it in small batches so it’s taking awhile. Slow but steady wins the race, right? ha!

    I just installed CommentLuv because I really wanted an easy way to visit other people’s blogs, but only a few are leaving their link. Only have it on one post so far, so hoping that people will get used to it and start linking up. It’s nice that I can reply to their comments from my email and it shows up on the blog. Wasn’t expecting that, so appreciate the convenience.

    Good luck with organizing your TBR list! Mine is a total mess, so I’m not touching that puppy until I have tons of extra energy. So…..never! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Terri @ Alexia’s Books and Such…

    • HaHa I feel ya. Which is probably why I still haven’t touched my goodreads TBR yet. After Bloggiesta I’m kind of on a break from anything that isn’t basic blogging. LoL

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