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I remember when I first started blogging, I’d read posts and comments made by other (larger) bloggers who complained about the unsolicited books they received.  It’s something that, a year later, still baffles me. It’s not that I beg for books, but I do use NetGalley, and when an author/publisher tweets about available ARC’s to books that I’ve been wanting to read, I write them back. However, I can honestly say that I don’t really get random packages in the mail. The majority of the books I receive are e-galleys that are from either NetGalley or the author/publisher and on very rare occasions I may get a print copy for review. So imagine my surprise when the UPS guy delivered a package that I wasn’t expecting. When I opened it, it was from an author that I’d previously read but was a brand new series of theirs that I’d never heard of. I will admit that I was a bit confused and questioned my memory. “I don’t remember this title. Did I request this?” After looking the book up on goodreads, I realized that it was an unsolicited book. Not only was I unfamiliar with the title but I didn’t even have it marked as “to-read” on goodreads and I’m always clicking that button for any book that sounds remotely interesting.
*Now, queue the happy dance* My first unsolicited book!

To me I found it as an honor. Someone out there, publisher or author, saw my reviews/website and felt like I was worthy enough to read their book before it was released to the general public. Even though getting the book threw a monkey wrench in my reviewing schedule, I just tried to fit it in where I could so that I could review it around it’s release date. Since that first book, I’ve received another unsolicited book. This one however was a second in a series that I’d never read. So I had to track down the first book and read it so that I knew what was going on in the book that I received. But I still did a happy dance. I guess I’ve been lucky that the senders took notice that I enjoy reading romance before sending the books. The first one was an Urban Fantasy with a potential love interest and the second was a Romantic Suspense. Both books were not on my radar but after reading them, I will be looking for the next books in their series. I still don’t understand the upset over getting unsolicited books. Worst case scenario, the book isn’t for you and you pass it along to someone else. Best case scenario, you enjoy the book and find a new series/author to follow.


Have you ever received an unsolicited book? What was your first reaction? Where do you stand with receiving them, love em or hate em?

8 Thoughts on “Unsolicited books

  1. I enter(and win) giveaways often so I receive a LOT of books. But, over the last couple years, I’ve been receiving surprise books. I figured that there must have been a giveaway I entered and won but forgot about. So I checked my email — nothing. Then I realized that bloggers(unless they ask for entrants’ mailing address in the entry form) require winners to claim their prize within a certain time.

    Finally, I realized these books are unsolicited because I’m 100% positive I didn’t enter for them. For example, I rec’d one yesterday, Elixir by Hilary Duff. I already have this book.

    Although I do a lot of tweeting for giveaway entries, I’m not a blogger. I’m not complaining at all about the unsolicited books. If I’m interested, I read, review, and donate them. If not, I just donate them to the library(if ARC’s, after the release date).

    • I’ve heard mixed things about Elixer but you can’t beat free. That’s crazy that you’re not a blogger but you get unsolicited books. I never got one until I started BSA and even in the (almost) 2 year span, I’ve only received 2.

    • Yup — you can’t beat free but still I feel guilty getting books that I have zero interest in reading.

      About receiving unsolicited books despite not being a blogger, hubby at first thought there was a catch and I would either have to send the book back or pay for it. But I never rec’d any kind of bill(sometimes there would be a packing slip). Most of the time, there was a letter from the publisher requesting that I send them my thoughts and post my review.

      Hubby also thinks I should start my own blog. Umm…thanks but no thanks. Too time and labor intensive and I’m lazy 😉

  2. Hey Kristin! I used to never get unsolicited books, so the first few I got I was like you, “whaaaaaaat?” Then I realized what was happening, and it is SO cool. I have one contact who, although I don’t request much from them anymore, has really gone out of her way to send me unsolicited books she thinks I’ll like. I try really hard to always review those along with regular review books because they are such a neat gift! Glad you got one, and it was from an author you’d read before! Holla!

    • I have publicists who email me with books they think I may be interested in and if so they will send me an e-copy but the print ones are crazy. They are from the Amazon Montlake publishing, so maybe because they have my shipping info through the website? I don’t know, I’m not complaining. I’ve enjoyed the two books they’ve sent me.

  3. I haven’t gotten any unsolicited books yet. I have gotten some requests to do reviews on my blog, but nothing just showing up in the mail. That sounds sooo cool. But then, I love getting any mail that’s not a bill. *grin*

  4. Aw exciting! I get them now and again and love it. Mostly from pubs, some from the authors. I can’t imagine being upset over it b/c like you said, how neat that someone saw you and wanted you to read what they wrote.

    It did startle me the first time when I received one at the house because how the heck did the get my address? Eep! But still pretty neat. And mail is ALWAYS fun to get when it’s not an ad or a bill 🙂

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