Review: Alex +Ada by Jonathan Luna & Sarah Vaughn

18748058Alex + Ada
(Alex + Ada, #1)
By: Jonathan Luna & Sarah Vaughn
Publisher: Image Comics
Published: July 29, 2014
Genre: Sci-Fi Graphic Novel

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The last thing in the world Alex wanted was an X5, the latest in realistic androids. But when Ada is dropped into his life, will Alex keep her?


1thoughts This graphic novel take place in the future. Where literally everything is done by computers. To be more precise, all you have to do is say “lock” and your vehicle/car locks. Instead of just parallel parking itself, your car now drives for you. While you’re at it, you can watch a hologram t.v. show at any time by just saying the command. Robots make you food, do your chores, and you pretty much don’t have to lift a finger. Everything is computerized, right down to Ada, who is an android.

This is a story about a lonely guy who is pretty depressed with life. He goes through the motions of the day but he’s not living.  Now, it’s not like Alex asked for an android. In fact he was a little nervous of androids after they began to act on their own and went on a murder spree. So imagine his surprise when his grandmother sends him one for his birthday. At first he is set and ready to return Ada to the company but when the moment comes to return her, he finds himself unable. Even though Ada is an A.I. he can’t help but feel like there’s more to her than her programing. Which is when he starts looking into why/how other androids were able to become sentient. I get the sense that as this story progresses, Ada’s learning of the world will open Alex’s eyes to how beautiful life is as well.

I haven’t read any graphic novels like this before. I usually read the cutesy anime looking mangas. So it was nice to see one that is a little bit more mature. The storyline is a little depressing when you get a look at Alex’s life before Ada. However, you see how having Ada gives him something to look forward to. A purpose in life. So it was interesting to see the drive in him once he takes it upon himself to “unlock” Ada’s conscious. The illustrations in this story are really well done. They are really simplistic and not overly done up. I think the illustrations really helped let the story shine through. It was also nice that the illustrations were all done in color. I look forward to reading more about Alex and Ada.



There’s a part in the story where Alex finds someone willing to unlock Ada’s conscious. This is a highly dangerous and illegal thing to do. Alex could in turn, turn around and report the person which would pretty much be death for them. So I found it rather amusing that the person’s payment for taking on such a gamble was a cheesesteak with extra cheezy wheezy (whatever the heck that is).








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