Review: Alpha by Jus Accardo

(The Infinity Division #3)
by Jus Accardo
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Publication date: July 3, 2018
Genre: Young Adult Scifi

Sera is the obsession of a killer chasing a ghost. G is a soldier with too much blood on his hands.

Dylan lost the only person he ever loved—and will stop at nothing to get her back.

In a whirlwind chase that takes them back to where it all started, Sera, G, and Dylan will have to confront their demons—both physical and mental—and each other, in order to win their freedom.



Alpha is the conclusion to The Infinity Division series. Every book has followed different characters but they’ve all had one thing in common, Dylan. Dylan is the brother of one of the main characters and he kind of goes off the deep end when his fiance dies prior to the first book. He uses his world’s technology to jump to various dimensions wrecking havoc, killing people he feels are responsible for everything bad in his life, and searching for his fiance, Ava, in the other dimensions. Alpha is sort of his story.

I say sort of because in the last book we met two people who had been held captive, as lab rats, for a high-tech company. One of the captives was G, which was that dimension’s Dylan, and Sera, who was technically Ava. When Dylan spots Sera, he immediately latches onto her, both literally and figuratively as his chance of finding happiness. So, while this story is technically about Sera and G finding their happily ever after, we do see a lot more of Dylan than we’ve ever seen in previous books.

There’s a lot that goes on in this book between finding out who G and Sera were before their time in captivity, running away from the people who run said lab, trying to outmaneuver Dylan, and find a way to not only survive but live a happy life. While there is a lot that goes on in this story, I found myself rather bored with it all. There were parts that would grab my attention, but then I’d just end up skimming again. Maybe it had to do with the fact that they kept skipping between dimensions and you could never get a grasp on what was happening. It could have been the fact that anytime a problem arose, there was an instant solution to it. I just never fully got into the story and found myself struggling to finish it.

I thought this series had a fresh spin on young love. I really enjoyed that these characters found their one true match in another dimension. The author even added in a dash of suspense with it all. However, in the end, I found myself struggling through it.

Favorite quote…

“I’m not fragile, G. I’m made of steel. You told me that, remember? I’m a fighter, so let me fight for you.”



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4 Thoughts on “Review: Alpha by Jus Accardo

  1. That sounds like a good story premise but I’m not good with books that bore me.

  2. YA in sci-fi is easier for me to see on the big screen, versus reading it in the book. For some reason, it’s easier to get into the storyline. Sounds like a pretty good storyline though. Happy Sunday and Hugs…RO

  3. I do like the quote you shared. This is an author I’ve thought many times that I should try, but now your review makes me kind of glad I didn’t. It makes me feel better to think I’m not missing anything.

    Great review!

  4. Lauren Becker on 16 July, 2018 at 10:42 am said:

    I haven’t read any of these, but this sounds like a really well done series. Thanks for sharing!!


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