Review: Asha by Kevis Hendrickson

By: Kevis Hendrickson
Publisher: Self-published
Published: Sept. 8, 2011
Genre: YA/Dark Fantasy


Asha is a 15-year old girl with the soul of a demon. She plans to wage war against heaven and hell using humanity as her main weapon. Asha begins the epic tale of the revenge of the dark goddess of demons!


This is a very short story about a demon named Asha whom is currently disguised on earth as a 15 year old girl. The book starts out with Asha’s first day of high school and shows how detached and unaccepted she is in the modern world. She was born in a human body by a human mother who has no idea that she is actually a demon. Asha acts as if she is a normal teenager by going shopping with her mother and doing homework… normal stuff.

It’s interesting to hear how Asha feels for her mother considering the fact that she is a demon. You would think that since she despises the human race that she would feel the same way towards her earth-mother but she doesn’t. She also befriends a human girl named Morgana at her school. Morgana shows her how to fit in with the goth crowd, so that she isn’t sticking out like a sore thumb in school by being a loner.

The story was too short for me to fully get into it or to even get an idea on where the story is going. You know it is going to be about a war between good and evil based off of the synopsis but this story is just building up to the war. The very end is where Asha comes across her enemies but you don’t get any details as to who they are, just that they are there to kill her.

I wish the author gave us a few more pages of some details because I didn’t really connect with anything. It just sort of felt like I was thrown in mid story. Maybe if there is another book that adds more to the storyline it will give me a little bit more of an insight as to what is going on? Why are demons taking over earth? Who were the creatures that attacked Asha at the end?

*After posting this review on goodreads the author contacted me and told me that there will in fact be a sequel to this story. So hopefully my questions will be answered.

“Humans never ceased to disgust me. Only humans would be so petty to base the superiority of one of their kind on the color of their skin.” – Asha


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