Review: Assure Her by Thia Finn

Assure Her
(Assured Distraction #1)
by Thia Finn
Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: Sept. 1, 2015
Genre: Romance

Chandler Chatam, fresh out of Juilliard, finds herself temporarily playing with four hot rockers of Assured Distraction, an up-and-coming band, out on their first big tour. She’s lead a sheltered life of luxury and is determined to make the most of this tour as part of the band until her world is suddenly turned upside down. Then more life-shattering news alters the course she’s set for herself.
Meeting Chandler at her audition for a temporary spot in Assured Distraction, lead singer Keeton MacDonald flashes a panty-dropping smile knowing that a woman is sure to wreak havoc on the bus for this bunch of guys looking to enjoy the perks of life on the road as the rock stars they are.
Assured Distraction’s tour is the beginning of a raucous journey for them all that leads to fun days, exciting concerts, and hot nights.
Not just a life on the bus story, but a story about living messy lives in the real world.


When Assured Distraction’s keyboardist is unable to go on tour, the band hires Chandler to step up in his place. Fresh out of Julliard, let’s just say that Chandler’s upbringing, personality, and all around appearance is not that of rock bands. However, she’s determined to make this work since it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. The only thing she was not planning on was falling in love with the lead singer of the band.

I was so excited to read this story. I’m a sucker for rocker romances, and this one has a lot of good stuff going on. However, let’s just start off with the elephant in the room, this book needs to be scrubbed down by an editor. The back and forth of Keeton/KeeMac’s name was so confusing. I would understand if certain people called him his stage name, and others called him his real name, but even the inner dialog would flip back and forth in the same sentence. There were also a lot of grammatical errors or sections in the story were I think the author paused to think about what she wanted to write, and then picked back up, without reading what came prior. There were just so many errors that it took me out of the story a lot.

Another thing that I found VERY confusing was the prologue. It deals with two random people. There’s zero connection to that chapter until about the 16th chapter. Plus, everything is rehashed later, so there was really no point in having the prologue. I honestly kept going back to read the prologue thinking Lanai was Chandler, or maybe her mother. However, her mom was a senator’s wife and had no real connection to the person.

What I did like about the story was all the behind-the-scenes of the band. Between being on the road in a tour bus, to playing on stage, the meet and greets, and all the groupies. It was a lot of fun to see the band in all the various stages of their tour. I think between that and seeing how a prim and proper Senator’s daughter turns into a rock goddess was by far the best part of the book.

I had high hopes for this story. It should have checked all my boxes for a rock star romance. However, the abundant amount of errors in the book really took away from the story. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the romance. Not that Keeton was a bad guy. I just felt like everything was just so superficial. He likes her, he messes around with her, he doesn’t want to mess up the band so he backs off and has sex with two groupies. Then turns around, apologizes, professes his love, and all is forgiven. This just read so much like a fan fiction that it left me unimpressed.

3 Thoughts on “Review: Assure Her by Thia Finn

  1. I am so sorry to hear that this one was such a disappointing read for you, it’s always a letdown when a story doesn’t live up to one’s expectations.

    Great review.

  2. I hadn’t heard of this before. Rock star romances are hit or miss for me usually. This one sounds like one I’ll skip. Thanks for sharing your review!

  3. I’m sorry it wasn’t as good a read as you had hoped.

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