Review: Avenger’s Heat by Katie Reus

Avenger’s Heat
(Moon Shifter, #4)
By: Katie Reus
Publisher: Signet
Published: Feb. 4, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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To truly have her, he must free her from her dark secret…

Enforcer Erin Flynn has dedicated her life to protecting her kind. But keeping her heart safe from Noah Campbell, the smoking-hot shifter who saved her life last year, is more difficult. The deadly beauty would love to sink into his arms and become his mate, but she knows she can’t—he must never know about her dark past.

When Erin is sent to investigate the disappearances of pregnant shifters in New Orleans, Erin and Noah find themselves involved in a mystery more sinister than anyone expected. And as Erin delves further into the crimes, chilling information about her own past is revealed. The people who wanted her dead in the first place are trying to finish the job, and Noah wants nothing more than to shield her from harm. But can Erin truly trust Noah and let him see the wounded beast she’s hidden for so long?


1thoughtsErin is on her first enforcer assignment when everything starts hitting close to home for her. Her mission is to track down the scumbags who are kidnapping pregnant shifters. She’s not sure why they are taking them but when one shows up near dead, it’s a race against the clock to get those woman safely home. However, soon she realizes that she has to overcome her past in order to take care of the present.

Erin is a character that we met earlier on who was rescued by Noah and other members of the pack. She was found bloody and barely alive behind a dumpster. She hasn’t told anyone what happened to her but everything starts rushing back with the kidnappings and how they dispose the women. However, she’s able to handle it all with Noah by her side. There is something about him that calms both her human and her wolf.

Noah was an amazing supporting character. With Erin being an enforcer, he knows it’s her job to take charge and throw herself into harms way. It’s hard for him to remain back and let her take the lead but he knows that she will get no respect from the shifter community if she’s shown as weak or unable to take care of business. I really liked that he wasn’t your typical Alpha-male who was always proving their strength to others by defending their woman and getting into fights. His strength was more subtle in the fact that he wanted to do all those things for his mate, but he knew she could handle herself.

I like that even though this is a paranormal romance, the author has some gruesome scenes between the battles and when they find the women. The fact that the author added that extra element and showed how things are brewing for the shifters really helped make this story whole. A lot of times I find that the romance overshadows the storyline or the author rushes through the climatic scene to the happy ever after. I was very happy that the author took the time to really write out the final fight scene. She didn’t just *BOOM you’re dead*, she gave the reader a scene that had me holding my breath, waiting to see what happened next.

This is an amazing series. I’ve loved every book so far. You always read about the main characters but the author also includes pov’s from the villains and from secondary characters who sometimes see their own novel down the road. Like I said, Erin was introduced earlier on and her chemistry with Noah has been brewing from the start. So even though this can be read as a stand alone, after all it had been a while since I’d read the previous books, it’s nice reading the whole series since these are characters that you know and have fallen in love with who are now getting their time in the spotlight.


1favequote“She’d just remain wolf. She liked it better like this anyways. No decisions to make, no one to worry about.”


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