Review: Burned by Nikki Duncan

(Whispering Cove, # 4)
By: Nikki Duncan
Publisher: Samhain
Published: July 17, 2012
Genre: Contemp. Romance

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Vic Hayes is content with life in Whispering Cove. She owns a successful salon, has great friends and her perfectly manicured nail is on the pulse of the town s gossip. For real happiness, she s only missing one thing a man. Settling for less than the perfect man, though, isn t in her nature. He just has to see her as more than his best friend.

Widower Hauk Michaelsen always dreamed of escaping Whispering Cove, until single fatherhood, too young, made it impossible. He enjoys his life as owner of the small town pub. Friends, gossip, and his young daughter keep things jumping. He would do anything for his little girl, but he can t give her the one thing she desires most a mother.

When Vic and Hauk are teamed up for a Fall Festival project, sparks ignite suppressed flames. Testing boundaries they ve never crossed, they find themselves eager to risk more if Vic can convince Hauk that history won t be repeated if he takes another chance on love.


1thoughtsHauk is under the delusion that every woman that he falls in love with dies. It happened with Sophie’s mother and with the woman he gave his heart to after. So he’s unwilling to take that leap with Vic. Not only because of his curse but because she’s his best friend.

This is a sweet best friends turned lovers romance story. However, unlike most romances, the female is the aggressor in this story. She’s set on showing Hauk that they’d be perfect for each other. She definitely pulled some interesting stunts to get him to see the light.

The romance is fast building since they are best friends who’ve been harboring feelings for each other for a while. Heck even their friends see it coming and help Vic out as much as they can with convincing Hauk.

Whispering Cove is a great series to just jump in whenever a story interests you. Even though this was the fourth in the series, I didn’t feel left out. Each story is written by a different author and is about a different set of characters.


1favequote“First he kissed his best friend. Then he had spent a couple of days thinking about the feel of her body. Now she had him out of bed more than an hour before normal and sex wasn’t even on the table. Vic was having him break all sorts of personal rules.”


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