Review: Enemy Through The Gates by D.T Dyllin

Enemy Through The Gates
(P.J. Stone, #1)
By: D.T Dyllin
Publisher: iUniverse
Published: Feb. 10, 2012
Genre: Mature YA (17+)

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P.J. Stone, like most eighteen-year-old girls, is a little boy crazy and somewhat obsessed with finding the perfect boyfriend. Some days she feels like she might be the last remaining virgin in her entire high school, and maybe even the entire tri-state area.

After a traumatic night at a friend’s party, P. J. realizes what she truly wants has been right under her nose all along. Bryn O’Bannon, her best friend and partner in crime since age five, is head over heels in love with her, and she feels the same about him.

But P.J.’s life isn’t that simple. She’s a member of a separate society that exists secretly among the rest of the world; the society raises gifted individuals to protect the world from interdimensional interlopers, and P. J. was taught to put duty before her heart. She is expected to choose a suitable mate in order to perpetuate the Seer line. Unfortunately, Bryn is a Guardian and is forbidden to date—let alone mate with—a Seer such as herself.

As if figuring out her love life isn’t complicated enough, P.J. begins having visions of a threat to her world only she is able to perceive. Now, she must concoct and execute a plan to avert world disaster while at the same time avoiding the dissolution of her love life.


Let me just start out by saying that when going into this book, I thought it was a YA book. I read the synopsis about an 18yr old girl looking for the perfect boyfriend and then finding out that she is in love with her best friend but they are forbidden to be together, and for some reason my brain computed a YA. Let me just say that this is not YA or it’s a very adult like YA. There is quite a bit of sex in this book, swearing and there is even under aged drinking. Now, I’m not saying that this doesn’t all happen with teens these days especially an 18 year old but you just don’t see it that much in YA novels. I would call this more a paranormal romance. So just be prepared that even though this is a story containing a teenager, it isn’t YA fluff.

I loved the way the book begins with P.J. and her best friend Bryn at school ribbing on each other. They appear to be normal teens but in all actuality, P.J. is a Seer who has premonitions, and Bryn is a Guardian who protects Seers. They have grown up doing everything together and one day Bryn will be P.J’s Guardian. Only, one night at a party P.J. realizes her feelings for Bryn are more than just that of a friend and finds out that Bryn has been in love with her for a long time. They decide to hide their relationship since it is forbidden for guardians and seer’s to become involved but all good things must come to an end and they are caught red handed getting hot and heavy in the woods by none other than her father.

You would think that the story would just be about forbidden love and the majority of it is. Except Bryn gets shipped away and P.J. starts having some crazy premonitions that no one seems to believe are real. Not to mention that a guy named Khol comes into the picture and drops a pretty big drama bomb on P.J. (Sorry, no spoilers) So not only does P.J. have to come to terms with her new found identity and not having Bryn but she also has to figure out how to stop these alien things from over taking the world.

Yup, there is a lot that goes on in this book. With being the first in a trilogy, a lot of stuff goes unanswered. So it pretty much sets you up for the next two books and I personally cannot wait to read more. D.T. has a great way of creating a story that keeps the readers interested without losing focus. I personally loved the romance aspect since I am a big romance junkie myself. I did feel that there were a couple of times that the mate word was thrown around a bit too much for my liking but that’s just me. I was never one for the lovey dovey names in the first place unless I’m trying to make the Mr. uncomfortable. There were also a couple of grammar issues but nothing that took away from the story.

I must say that I cannot wait for book number 2 to come out. I definitely see myself reading this book again… in the very near future. I really did enjoy it.


P.J. and Bryn are arguing over the fact that P.J. likes this hot guy in their school and she thinks she might have shot with him.
“Here we go again. Just because your tits grown like half a cup size isn’t going to change anything. Trust me when I say you’re probably the only one who can tell the difference.”
“You noticed.” I grumbled, in protest.
He chuckled. “Only because I noticed you prancing around like they’re suddenly D cups.”

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