Review: Fallen Princess by Chantal Fernando

Fallen Princess
(Wind Dragons MC #7)
by Chantal Fernando
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication date: April 8, 2019
Genre: Romance

Growing up as the Princess of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club, Clover Black knows she’s had a thoroughly unique upbringing. As the daughter of the former President of the club, she’s expected to live a certain kind of life but she does the unthinkable…she goes to the police academy and becomes a cop. Without her family knowing.

After being assigned a new partner, the handsome Felix Banks, a friendship blossoms, but as Felix teaches her how to be a better cop, she finds herself falling for him, all while, struggling to keep her two lives separate. Tensions rise when the truth comes out and it becomes clear that Clover is being used for her motorcycle club ties.

As things heat up within the MC and at Clover’s job, she faces a difficult choice—her love for Felix and the law, or her family and the Wind Dragons.



Clover is the daughter of the characters from the fist book in the series. She was brought up surrounded by the MC and was viewed upon as the “princess” since her father was the president of the club for a long time. However, Clover is all grown up now and she’s decided to take a different path in life. Instead of becoming an account, like she tells her family, she joins the police academy and starts working as a cop. She tries to keep her private life with the MC a secret from her employers, and her career  fro mher family. Obviously, things don’t go as planned.

I really liked this story. I liked that over the course of the series (the printed books, at least) we’ve seen Clover as a child. She’s grown up throughout the books, but this was the first time I got to see her as an adult. While she does make some questionable choices and acts as if she’s the best thing on the force, it’s kind of understandable given her upbringing. She was a treasured and spoiled as a kid by the whole MC, not just her parents. So, of course she’s going to have a certain mentality like her crap don’t stink. She’s always been told she is good at whatever she sets her mind at, and she feels like she deserves more in life. I also really liked that her character didn’t take anything laying down. She fought for what she wanted, and she never gave up or backed down.

Another huge part of this story is Felix, her new partner and academy’s “golden child.” Felix’s father was a cop and so Felix is sort of following in his father’s footsteps. He prides himself on being the best that he can. So, when he’s paired with the loud-mouthed rookie as his new partner, he’s less than thrilled. The last thing he wants to do is babysit and train someone. However, he soon learns that there’s a lot more to Clover than the force is giving her credit for. He takes the time to train her, listen to her, and really gets to know her. While he still had a strong male presence, he wasn’t some hot-headed alpha male you see all too often. He wasn’t afraid to let Clover take the reigns and I really liked that.

Obviously these two strike up a relationship and that causes a lot of issues across the board. Between Clover’s family not knowing what her job really is, let alone that she’s dating a cop, the force would probably have a lot to say about the two of the dating. Not only is that looming over their heads the entire time, they are on this case to take down a drug dealer who’s handing out free drugs to people in order to get them hooked. Oh yeah, and also the force knows who Clover really is and might possibly be trying to manipulate her into being an informant on other MC’s. So yeah… there’s a lot that goes on in this story.

I’m so glad we got Fallen Princess. We’ve seen Clover slowly grow from the very first book and I’m so happy that she got her own story. Not to mention I am thrilled that she forged her own path in life. She didn’t become some biker chick. She didn’t run off to live a different life and separate herself from her family. She was able to work through the problems, find love, keep her family, and find happiness. I honestly couldn’t be happier with this story.


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2 Thoughts on “Review: Fallen Princess by Chantal Fernando

  1. Oh I bet her family wasn’t happy about her new job. That sounds good.

  2. Awesome you are still going strong with this series. I really need to bump this up on my TBR pile.

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