Review: For Finlay by J. Nathan

For Finlay
(For You #1)
by J. Nathan
Pubilsher: Self-published
Publication date: Jan. 30, 2017
Genre: New Adult Romance

Finlay Thatcher is a lost soul, guilt-ridden after the death of her twin brother. When Alabama’s football coach gives her the opportunity to work for him, she knows it’s her chance to move on, even if it means living her brother’s dream.

Caden Brooks is Alabama’s star quarterback. He’s got it all. The attention of adoring fans. A girlfriend who’d do anything to hold on to him. And a future in the pros. He’s getting along just fine until Finlay steps into his life, despising him at first sight and pushing his buttons like no other.

Unfortunately for Finlay, and her attempt to keep Caden at arm’s length, there’s nothing Caden loves more than a challenge. The problem with this challenge is she comes with a secret that has the power to destroy everything.




I wasn’t sure what I was getting when I picked this book up, but I wasn’t prepared to read it in one sitting. I was unable to put this book down. It hit all the notes for me. There was a swoon worthy hero, strong-willed heroine, college setting, sports romance, and a tragedy that brought these two together. This may be the first book by this author that I’ve read but it won’t be my last.

Finlay grew up living in the shadow of her twin brother, Cole. Cole ate, lived, and breathed football, and would have made pro if he didn’t pass away freshman year of college. Trying to move past the guilt and loss of her brother’s passing two years ago, she decides to enroll in the college he went to and work for the football team as the water girl. It’s the closest she will ever be to her brother, and since he’s no longer around to live his dream and play on the field, she will be there for him. Even if it means having to deal with the obnoxious guys on the team.

I liked that this was not only a new adult romance, but there was a lot of sports related story mixed in. Since Finlay is the water girl for the team, she travels with the team everywhere. She’s there during practice, during the games, and on the road for away games. So, we get to see the guys on the field a lot. We also get to see them on the road. I think getting those behind the scenes instead of the traditional college setting, set it apart from other novels for me.

I will admit that I was a little nervous at first when Caden and Finlay started to hang around each other, because Caden had a girlfriend. I really despise cheating in stories, so I was really glad that while these two toed the line a few times, they never crossed that line. Watching their relationship go from rocky, to friendship, to more was a gradual process that made me fall in love with them.

I’m so glad I decided to give this author a try. It’s so hard finding a good new adult romance, but I feel like I’ve found a series for me.


Favorite quote…

“I’ve hated you and loved you, both just as strongly. Loving you has definitely been easier.”




8 Thoughts on “Review: For Finlay by J. Nathan

  1. Glad to hear you liked this one.

  2. I love the enemies to lovers/hate to love trope. Also important that there was no cheating involved. Glad you enjoyed it. Great review!

    • Yes. I hate it when there’s cheating. That is a huge no for me and will ultimately ruin a perfectly good book. So, I was really happy that the author did not go that route.

  3. This series sounds so so good: I have never read this author but I’ve seen her books make the rounds.

    Love your review – I’m glad there was no cheating although I have to admit that there are situations when I can deal with it.

    • I must have missed it. I’ve never heard of this author before and was unsure what I was getting into when I picked up the third book in the series on NetGalley. I’m so glad that I did though. It was a really good story. I hope you give this series a shot. 🙂

  4. bookwormbrandee on 2 April, 2018 at 7:34 am said:

    This sounds like a good read, Kristin. That it is more than just the romance – getting the sports aspect as well – is really appealing since NA romances can get old. Thanks for putting a new author on my radar! 🙂

    • New Adult is something that I really enjoy, but I can’t read too much of because it all tends to be the same. So I liked that this one had other layers to it. It added so much depth to the story. I hope you give this author a shot. 🙂

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