Review: For Forester by J. Nathan

For Forester
(For You #2)
by J. Nathan
Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: July 19, 2017
Genre: New Adult Sports Romance

Trace Forester is Alabama’s star wide receiver. Being back under his parents’ roof for the summer isn’t the ideal situation, but the moment he sees Marin, the star of his adolescent fantasies, he knows it’s about to get interesting. She may not have noticed him back then, but he’s going to make damn sure she does now.

The last time Marin saw Trace he was a kid tearing up the neighborhood on his skateboard. That’s when she thought she had the perfect husband and life. But now her life is in shambles and Trace is back in town. Marin may be drawn to his good looks and undeniable charm, but he’s ten freaking years younger.

Marin learned the hard way that nothing worth having ever comes easy. And pushing Trace Forester away will be anything but easy.




I’ve got to be honest with y’all. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this one as much as I did at first. I mean, a story about a 19-year-old who has lusted after a grown woman since he was in middle school? Granted, she’s only 29 when they reunite, but still, I couldn’t help picturing some 40-year-old woman creeping up on a 19-year-old. Thankfully, Marin never saw Trace as anything but the neighborhood kid when he was little. So that took the creep factor out of it for me. I liked that we didn’t have flashbacks of Trace lusting after his neighbor when he was a kid. Instead we see him and Marin interacting as two consenting adults.

With that out of the way, I want to talk a bit about the dynamics of this story. I absolutely loved that Trace wasn’t just pursuing Marin. He wanted to hang out with her son, CJ, too. They played ball together, he took CJ fishing, and tried to make that little boy feel like the most treasured thing ever. I absolutely loved watching him spend time with her son. I also liked that you saw them become a family unit during his summer break home. He took CJ out to do stuff, he mowed her lawn, and then they’d have dinners together. However, no story is ever a good one without some sort of conflict. Enter the soon-to-be ex-husband who sees this youngin sniffing around his wife and son and *BAM* drama bomb!

One thing I wish I’d seen more of from this novel was football. I loved all the behind-the-scenes action we got in the previous book and was hoping to get that here. Now, I know that Trace is on summer break, but there are a few months where he goes back to school and tries to juggle his college life with his home life. I wish we’d gotten a chance to see more of his life on campus than just the vague snippets we got.

For Forester is a solid romance. These two don’t tiptoe around their attraction. Trace lets his intention be known and once Marin gets past her own personal hurdles, let’s just say that these two burn up the pages. Again, there was a sense of family with this one with Trace taking on the father role for CJ. I read this book in one sitting. I’m starting to figure out that this author is an auto-buy for me. I’ve really enjoyed both of the books I’ve read so far and I can’t wait to read Sabrina’s story next.


Favorite quote…

“I may have screwed up by marrying Charles, but I was still young and I wouldn’t let a screw-up dictate how I lived the rest of my life. If I wanted to be miserable, that was my choice. If I wanted to be happy… well, it seemed like a no brainer.”


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12 Thoughts on “Review: For Forester by J. Nathan

  1. I love this cover a lot – very romantic. I love a good romance, and I’m sure that this is too picky, but I never would have been able to get past the older woman thing, even though it’s not that huge of an age difference.(lol) My head just has a hard time picturing this. I even blogged about this a little while ago. I’m glad that it worked for you though. Hugs and Happy Friday Kristin!

    • That was my hang up going in, too. However, I felt like the author wrote the characters in a way that it didn’t weird me out as much as I thought it did.

  2. “but he’s ten freaking years younger” When I read that part, my curiosity level reached 80 and when I read the part where Trace hanging out with her son, awww, it reached 90! But I hated the part about the soon-to-be-ex-husband. But whatever, so sold me in this one Kristin!

    • This has been a really enjoyable series so far. I wasn’t sure how the age difference would work out, but I felt like the author did a great job writing the characters in a way that made you kind of forget about it all.

  3. I do enjoy sports romances, and this one seems quite intriguing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I’ll check this out!

    • This series has surprised me so far. New Adult is hit or miss for me because it can be a bit immature and over the top for me. However, I am really enjoying this series. I hope you give it a shot. 🙂

  4. My husband is 10 years older than me so big age differences don’t bother me as long as everyone is an adult. This sounds good.

  5. I do want to read more sports romances! I wonder if this would be a good one to try since it’s not so heavy on the subject haha IDK!

  6. I like the older woman/younger man trope so this sounds very good. I’m adding it to my wishlist.

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