Review: Game Plan by Karla Doyle

Game Plan
By: Karla Doyle
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Published: Feb. 15, 2012
Genre : Erotica

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Recently divorced from seventeen years with a snooty, uptight, controlling man, forty-year-old Andie is definitely ready for some casual, sexy fun when a hot younger man “accidentally” hits her with a baseball. Mason’s interest is clear and he looks like a lot more fun than her overworked vibrator collection, so she goes for it, despite the obvious age gap. The young veterinarian is as easy to be with as he is on the eyes, making him an ideal summer diversion and the perfect man to help her make up for lost time and missed orgasms.

Mason had to meet the sexy woman at the ball diamond. The chemistry between them is instant and completely addictive. Andie is more than beautiful, she’s uninhibited and independent—totally unlike the needy twenty-somethings he’s been dating since his ex-fiancée deceived him five years ago. And yeah, Andie is ten years older than him, big deal. The more they’re together, the more his heart wants her as badly as his cock. Too bad Andie isn’t playing for keeps.


When I read the synopsis I automatically think novella. For some reason, I just didn’t see how the book could have that much interesting story to it… but I was wrong. I was entertained the entire time, flipping as fast as I could to try and finish the book before bed.

Andie has been divorced for 2 years and is looking to get back into the dating world. She isn’t looking for anything too serious since she just came out of a marriage from hell but she is looking to have a little fun. What she isn’t expecting is to find a young man who is as interested in her as she is in him. However, when they start seeing each other more and more, she starts to become incredibly self conscious of her age. Mason refuses to tell her his age, saying that it doesn’t matter but she can’t help to think how odd of a pair they make.

Mason was a fun character to read. When he sets his mind to something, he gets it. Like meeting Andie for instance. When he is warming up for a baseball game he notices her cheering for a team on one of the other diamonds. So what does he do? He tosses a ball at her which was supposed to only roll up to her, not whack her in the ankle. Even though his move wasn’t smooth, he got what he wanted, a date with Andie.

I liked the connection between these two characters and the way the author wrote them. At no point did I feel like things were rushed. I thought it was perfectly normal for a woman to question a relationship with a younger man. After all she was married and had a kid when he was in high school. However, I did agree with Mason, that even though there was a decent age gap, they were old enough that it wasn’t creepy. Now if she were 60 and he 25… then I’d be a little creeped out. The only thing I wasn’t on board with was the ending. I felt like the obsessive controlling ex-husband gave up way too easily. He had been holding out hope that Andie would come back for 2 years… 2 years! He called her his wife when addressing Mason but he all of a sudden see’s how wrong he was and apologizes for his ways and backs off. I just felt like maybe the author started to run out of time in her story and quickly threw that in at the end. Especially considering all the fuss he created over Andie. Regardless of that little bit, I really enjoyed this story. If you are looking a good smutty book with a good story to boot, than you’ve got to pick up Game Plan. I cannot wait to read more from this author.


“Do you think your friends and family will judge me because of my age?”
“It’s not the same Mason.”
“Sure it is. They might think I’m taking advantage of you… given you’re so old and feeble.” 


One Thought on “Review: Game Plan by Karla Doyle

  1. Great review. Someone just had this on there Lusting For Covers meme and added it to my TBR pile. Might have to bump it up after reading your review.

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