Review: Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend by Kerri Carpenter

Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend
by Kerri Carpenter
Publisher: Entangled
Publication date: June 11, 2018
Genre: Romance

It wasn’t shy librarian Lola McBride’s idea to crash someone else’s high school reunion. Her best friend made her do it, insisting that having a little fun with a super-hot rebound would make her forget about her recent breakup. That’s when she meets the hottest guy she’s ever seen.

Architect Luke Erickson had no idea attending his ten-year reunion would turn out to be so fun. He catches the sexy brunette in a lie, and he counters with a proposal—He’ll keep her secret if she helps get his family off his back by pretending to be his girlfriend at an upcoming family reunion.

From one reunion to another, Lola and Luke are suddenly spending a lot of time together. Good thing they’re only pretending, or this super-secret relationship could get really complicated.



Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend is a fake-romance story. When Lola crashes a high school reunion, she catches the eye of Luke. At first Luke has no clue that she is an imposter, but then he realizes that the name tag she’s wearing doesn’t match the girl he knew. Plus, she doesn’t know anything about the school. Not that he really cares since he’s enjoying her company. However, he’s in a bind because his family reunion is coming up and his family won’t get off his case about bringing a date. So, he comes up with the plan to have Lola pose as his girlfriend for his family reunion to get his family off his back. Easy peasy. However, for a guy who wants nothing to do with relationships, he finds himself gravitating towards Lola.

One thing that I loved about this story is that is sort of focuses on The Golden Girls. Man, I loved that show when I was a kid. Every chapter of this book starts with a quote from the show, and the whole high school reunion crashing is from an episode. Plus, Lola and her roommate are huge fans of the show. So, it was really nostalgic seeing one of my childhood staples be the center of a story.

However, the story just fell flat for me. I loved the idea of it, and I’m all for fake relationships that become real, but I never really got a grasp of the characters. Lola’s boyfriend broke up with her before we start the story, and I didn’t really get that heartache. Lola falls for Luke and vise verse, and I just didn’t feel it. The story was predictable, and you could see things coming from a mile away. It was as if this story followed a certain recipe instead of telling its own tale.

Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend seemed like such a cute romance, and I thought for sure that I was going to be swooning and laughing all over the place. However, the story just didn’t work for me. Everything felt one-dimensional and I found myself bored throughout the story.


Favorite quote…

“Everything you need to know about life you an learn by watching The Golden Girls.”



4 Thoughts on “Review: Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend by Kerri Carpenter

  1. Aww hope your next read works better for you!! I haven’t actually seen The Golden Girls!

  2. Oh man…I was so excited when I heard that premise…a Librarian and the whole fake girlfriend trope. It usually works for me. Sad to heat that this one fell flat.

  3. I enjoy this trope too btu the few I’ve read recently were meh.

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

  4. Wow. Thanks for the review. I thought it was going to be a good story.

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