Review: Kiss of the Royal by Lindsey Duga

Kiss of the Royal
by Lindsey Duga
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Publication date: July 3, 2018
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

In the war against the Forces of Darkness, the Royals are losing. Princess Ivy is determined to end this centuries-long conflict once and for all, so her new battle partner must succeed where the others failed. Prince Zach’s unparalleled skill with a sword, enhanced by Ivy’s magic Kiss, should make them an unstoppable pair—but try convincing Zach of that.

Prince Zach has spent his life preparing for battle, but he would rather be branded a heretic than use his lips as nothing more than a way to transfer magic. A kiss is a symbol of love, and love is the most powerful weapon they have—but try convincing Ivy of that.

With the fate of their world on the line, the battlefield has become a testing ground, and only one of them can be right. Falling for each other wasn’t part of the plan—but try convincing their hearts of that.


Kiss of the Royal is a young adult fantasy set in a world of princess’s, prince’s, evil queens, goblins, and dragons. The princess’s are paired with a prince in order to help combat the evil creatures of their world. The princess has a magical kiss that will bestow her prince with immense power and resilience while in battle. However, when Ivy’s latest partner is killed while in battle, she’s teamed up with a prince from another clan. A prince who is a bit unorthodox, but probably her best shot at defeating the evil dragon that is about the wreak havoc on their people. We follow these two while they not only battle evil creatures on their quest, but also while they learn to trust each other, battle their feelings for one another, and uncover the truth of their people.

I wasn’t overly sure what to expect with this novel. It has some fantasy elements mixed in with an obvious romance. However, when I started reading the book, I realized that Ivy’s people do not believe in love. In fact they go around freely kissing anyone in need of healing and/or an extra boost of power. Not to mention that when a princess is no longer needed in battle, she is “retired” to become a breeder where she will do her duty to try to produce as many children as possible with various men whom have royal blood. Thus, creating more members for their army. The thought was a bit disturbing, especially since no one saw anything wrong with it. Except for Zach, the prince she’s been paired with. He was raised by his mother who was a Romantica (someone who believes in love) and therefore has a completely different view on life. He refuses Ivy’s kiss over and over while in battle because to him a kiss means something, and it takes Ivy a long time to come to terms with it. It was interesting to see these two come together and learn to rely on the other. Not to mention the forbidden romance that was bubbling between them.

Kiss of the Royal was a great debut novel. There was the brewing romance between Ivy and Zach. There’s also quite a bit of action in this story. Not only do these two go on a major quest to find and kill the foretold creature that will end them all, but they come across some startling and life-changing discoveries along the way. Between battling griffons, breaking curses, and fighting an evil queen, there was a lot going on other than just Ivy’s internal battle over her feelings. This is a great story for anyone looking for a young adult fantasy with a touch of romance.



Favorite quote…

“But it takes a strong person to admit when they’re confused, especially if it means questioning everything you’ve ever known.”




5 Thoughts on “Review: Kiss of the Royal by Lindsey Duga

  1. Oh that is definitely a very intriguing concept and I am a sucker for fantasy. Great review!

  2. I would have a problem with that world as well. Interesting thought though.

  3. I’m rather intrigued by the sounds of this book! And I LOVE that cover.
    Is it part of a series or a standalone?

  4. Huh… I have no idea if my comments are registering? They’re not visible at all! 🙁

  5. I think the whole concept of retiring the princess to be a breeder would really annoy me. The rest of the book sounds quite good though.

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