Review: Knocked-Up Cinderella by Julie Hammerle

Knocked-Up Cinderella
by Julie Hammerle
Publisher: Entangled: August
Publication date: Nov. 12, 2018
Genre: Romance

I’m a walking contradiction.
School principal who liberally drops the F bomb.
Fiercely independent yet willing to auction myself off for charity.
Serial monogamist who’s down for a no-strings one-night stand.

Except now I’ve gone from one-working-ovary to co-parent in the time it took a stick to turn blue.

F. Bomb.

Ian Donovan may be a richer-than-hell venture capitalist, but he’s no Prince Charming ready to sweep me off my feet. Good thing I don’t need him. I’ve been doing fine on my own for forty years, and I’m not about to start changing that now.

Ultrasounds, swollen feet, midnight cravings? Bring. It. On.

But why is it when you finally swear off men, you meet one who’s too sexy—and determined we can make it work?

F. Bomb.



Erin’s gone from one crappy relationship to another. In her forties and ready to take her life back, she decides that a one-night stand is exactly what she needs to take her life back. She’s ready to focus on herself and have fun. However, what she wasn’t expecting was for that one night to lead to her being pregnant. Especially to a man that is neither her boyfriend or husband, and who has to desire to ever tie himself down to anyone, even a kid.

Erin has always wanted to have kids but it never seemed to be in the cards for her. Obviously, her ideal situation isn’t to be knocked-up by a one-night stand who’s got a phobia of attachments. However, she embraces it, puts on her big girl panties and faces reality head on. I really liked that Erin stepped forward and told Ian about the baby and the fact that she neither expected or wanted anything from him. She just knew that letting him know about it was the right thing to do. She knew he didn’t do relationships and that a kid would freak him out more than a clingy girl ever could. So, she gave him an out and went about her life as a soon-to-be single mother.

Ian was a character that you couldn’t really hate, but you didn’t necessarily love him either. I mean, he’s upfront about not wanting a girl friend or even a repeat with any of his partners. He’s got some abandonment issues and never wants to make a woman feel the way he felt as a boy when his mom left him and his dad. So, he lets all the women know that it’s a one-night thing and moves on. So, when this spitfire of a woman not only charms him into bed, but ends up pregnant with his baby, he kind of panics. This was not the life he wants. He doesn’t want anything tethering him down. His job makes him travel a lot. It takes a lot of time and dedication, and the last thing he wants is a kid, his kid, to feel like he isn’t wanted. He tries to be there for Erin and the baby in a platonic way, but every now and then his fears surface and he bails. You wanted to root for him because he was clearly struggling, but sometimes it was kind of hard to due to his quick freak-outs that would leave Erin left hanging.

One aspect to this story that I really enjoyed was that the main characters in this story were in their forties. They had careers and were already secure in who they were. There wasn’t any unnecessary drama. In fact, the characters tried handling all of their issues in a very mature manner.

Knocked-Up Cinderella is a really cute story about a woman who ends up after a night of fun. However, what this story has that most others miss is a cast of mature, older characters. This isn’t a story filled with crazy drama at every turn. It’s a down to earth story about a forty year old woman who finds herself in a position she never imagined and embraces it. I’m glad I picked this book up.


Favorite quote…

“As Erin opened the bedroom door, she held up her hand. I high-fived her. I high-fived my one-night stand who was kicking me out of her house faster than I’d ever seen anyone do anything.”



11 Thoughts on “Review: Knocked-Up Cinderella by Julie Hammerle

  1. This book sounds as cute at its cover! Thanks for the review.

  2. I really like it when I see more mature characters, because they need love too right?

    This is probably the first cartoon like romance cover I have actually been charmed by so I probably will grab it up from B&N

  3. I love the quote you shared! I also like more mature characters. It’s nice to see people semi-settled and enjoying their lives.

    Great review. 🙂

  4. Knocked up Cinderella…LOL

  5. I just skimmed because I’m waiting on this from the library but I’m happy to see that you loved it!

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

  6. Ohh pregnant by a one night stand. Sounds intriguing.

  7. This sounds like so much fun! I’ve read a YA book by Julie Hammerle (blanking on the title), but I remember really liking it. Adding this to my goodreads. 🙂 Thanks for the rec!

  8. This sounds like a fun read. I really like that the characters are in their 40s. Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Wow! This title really grabbed my attention, and I was thinking that a lot of drama followed.(lol) Very cool that it includes older characters who mostly have their stuff together. Really enjoyed your review! Hugs…RO

  10. bookwormbrandee on 15 November, 2018 at 11:51 am said:

    This sounds awesome, Kristin. I like that the characters are in their 40’s as well and the story overall seems to have been done fairly realistically. This one’s going on my tbr. 😉

  11. Sounds like a good one. I like that Erin tells Ian about the baby, without expecting him to help. And it does seem like Ian can be frustrating, but still someone you want to root for, which I like!


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