Review: Luke’s Dream by Melissa Haag

Luke’s Dream
(Judgement of the Six Companion Series #3)
by Melissa Haag
Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: Aug 9, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Luke’s been kicked in the teeth by fate enough to know: nice guys finish last. He’s done being nice and waiting for his due.

Finding Bethony, another potential Mate, was supposed to be his chance at a true Mate. However, she’s young and afraid and needs time to get to know him first. Bethony has different plans. She’s willing to Claim Luke, but only to stop her terrifying dreams; she’s not interested in love or romance.

The closer the pair get to the Compound, the deeper the danger becomes. Luke isn’t the only wolf looking for Bethi. He must choose between Bethi’s safety and peace of mind, or his dream of finding a true Mate.



In this installment we go a little bit more in-depth to the world the author’s created. In the first book, Gabby sees something with her power and sends Luke off into a general direction to look for his mate. We never hear or see from him again, until his story rolls around. He’s been searching for this random person that Gabby sent him off to find, and he’s not sure he will ever find her, until he sees a group of teenagers and feels the mate’s pull for one of them. Horrified that he would have a mate so young, he decides to follow her and keep an eye out for her when he realizes that she’s a runaway living on the streets. Unsure of how to get her to come back to the compound with him, he tries to protect her from afar. However, when it becomes clear that her life is in danger from others of his kind, it’s a race to the compound to find safety.

There’s been this underlying threat since the first book. Gabby can see people’s aura’s and there’s a certain group of aura’s out there that are unlike the rest. They are larger in numbers than the werewolf population, and no one knows if they are friendly or dangerous. Well, in this book we really find out. Since this book ties in heavily with the first book, I definitely recommend you start from the beginning for this one.

A lot takes place in this book. This is kind of the book that ties them all together and brings all the previous characters together. Not only is there the suspense from it all, but the awkward romance. Luke is no thrilled about having such a young mate and thinks that she’s much younger than she is. So, he fights his attraction towards her and is disgusted with himself a lot of the time. Even when her age is revealed, he is reluctant to allow the mating claim to happen, because of everything going on. However, the longer he waits, the more danger she’s in.

This was a really great story. It had a lot of adventure, and it really brought all the characters together into one big story. It was a great way to tie everyone in together while still giving Luke and Bethony their time to shine. I look forward to what comes next for everyone.


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3 Thoughts on “Review: Luke’s Dream by Melissa Haag

  1. sounds like it gets better the more you read. i think this could be a good one for me too
    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. This sounds good. I think this sounds like my kind of book.

  3. Ummmm…I LOVE the sound of this book! I’m going to check this series out.

    Great review!

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