Review: Maid Sama! Vol. #2 by Hiro Fukiwara


Maid Sama!

(Maid Sama!, Vol. #2)
By: Hiro Fujiwara
Publisher: TokyoPop
Published: Aug. 11, 2009
Genre: Manga

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Misaki’s troubles with Usui are far from over! His apparent feelings for her only confuse Misaki right when she most needs to be clear-headed. Two (male) distractions from a high-ranked prep school show up to complicate matters, and the school sports festival is just around the corner, too. Misaki does her best to handle everything that comes her way, but maybe it’s not so bad to have someone to rely on once in a while.

We pick up right where volume #1 left off. Misaki is all confused by Usui. He told her he liked her and then jumped off the roof of the school building to grab the photo of her in her maid costume before any of the students saw it. He has always been there to protect her but she isn’t sure if it’s just his playboy ways to mess with her or not. Not to mention the president from a neighboring school filled with privileged rich kids has offered Misaki a once in a million opportunity to not only switch schools but get an all expenses paid full ride scholarship as well. It’s a great opportunity but if she takes it, she will have have to leave all the girls at her school that she’s been looking after.

I feel so bad for Usui. He tells her how much he likes her, does chivalrous things for her and then decides to take it all back when he notices how much it upsets her. His declaration of “like” has thrown Misaki off her rocker and she is acting really weird around him and spacing out a lot. So he shows her that their kiss meant nothing by kissing someone else. Which, seems to do the job and has Misaki going back to thinking he’s just a playboy messing with her. However, when he pushes her too far she tells him that he has to stop playing head games with her. That seems to be when he realizes that there could be something between them, but his previous playboy ways have seemed to hinder him a bit with Misaki taking him seriously.

A couple of the kids from Misaki’s class get into a fight from one of the kids from the rich school Miyabi Gaoka. When Misaki, Usui and the two classmates go to the school to apologize, the student challenges them to a game of chess to determine who should apologize. Usui plays against the kid and wins and his request is…

“I’d like you to compliment our President by calling her a splendid butterfly.”

Somehow, I don’t see Misaki as a “splendid butterfly.”



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3 Thoughts on “Review: Maid Sama! Vol. #2 by Hiro Fukiwara

  1. Maid-sama is HILARIOUS. It’s a wonderful manga that really gets funnier and more adorable as it goes along, and I’m really excited to see it in English now. Poor Usui… he definitely always has his hands full when it comes to Misaki, but I think he really loves the challenge.

    My Manga monday @ BookBrats

  2. I think Maid-Sama was one of the first manga I ever read. It really is a good manga that doesn’t follow shoujo cliches. It’s sad though that the manga is out of print after TokyoPop shut down.

  3. I haven’t heard of this one. Said that Maris says it’s out of print. The maid fetish in Japan is an odd thing. That and the schoolgirl fetish. It sounds like the series has dedicated fans.

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