Review: Master Professor by Tara Sue Me

Master Professor
(Lessons From the Rack #1)
by Tara Sue Me
Publisher: Berkley Romance
Publication Date: April 4, 2017
Genre: Erotic Romance

Students are begging to be held after class…

Andie Lincoln is madly in love with Terrence Knight–her childhood friend-turned-Hollywood’s newest golden boy. But he’s a Dominant and wants her trained as a submissive before he’ll consider a relationship with her. He enrolls her at the RACK Academy with strict instructions for her teachers: Do whatever you need to, but don’t take her virginity.

Fulton Matthews, the director of incoming students, is enthralled by Andie. Though he questioned her enrollment at first, watching her discover her submissive nature is hotter than his most intense fantasy. Under his control, her sexual awakening brings him to his knees.

Yet they can go only so far. Andie belongs to another, and Fulton is bound by a contract that strictly forbids relationships between teachers and students. But when Terrence comes to collect his prize, Fulton discovers it’s not easy to let Andie go. . .



My thoughts…

When Andie found out her boyfriend had been hiding the fact that he was a Dom and preferred that lifestyle, she decided to take the plunge and attend the most sought after BDSM academy for beginners so that she can be trained as a submissive. However, unlike the majority of students who attend the academy, not only has Andie never been introduced to the lifestyle but she’s also a virgin. Which is why her attendance in the Summer program rubs Fulton the wrong way. Out of the hundreds of applicants who applied to be one of the ten students in the course, Andie was chosen. Someone who thinks they are submissive and might be into the BDSM lifestyle. Needless to say these two get off to a rough start. However, when one of the ten students drops out, leaving Andie without a partner for demonstrations, Fulton decides to pair up with her. That’s when lines start to get blurred and the professor starts to become the Master.

“BDSM is a dance. […] With each participant moving in sync with the other. A Dom can only lead if the sub follows. Apart they are nothing, but together, they create a being of grace, beauty, and movement.”

Dang! I mean, I knew I was in for a ride but, man, this has got me wanting to pick the book right back up and reread it. I’ve heard of this author but have never had the pleasure of reading her work before. So, I had no idea exactly what I was getting myself into. She writes her characters in a way that you can’t help but fall in love with everyone. I even felt bad for Andie’s boyfriend who sent her off to an academy to be trained as his submissive instead of being the one to train her himself. Now before you get your panties in a wad, there is no cheating in this novel. I am a stickler when it comes to cheating in my romances. However, Andie and her boyfriend have decided to take a break while she’s in the academy. That way she won’t feel guilty for the lessons and situations that would be going on while training. Obviously the dude didn’t expect her to fall in love with her instructor but that’s neither here nor there.

I loved that we got both Andie’s and Fulton’s POV. You got to watch as both of them struggled with their feelings. For Andie it was the fact that once she started classes, she no longer pictured her boyfriend as her Master but rather she pictured Fulton. She chalks this up to the fact that this is her first experience in this lifestyle and she’s just getting confused. Fulton, on the other hand, is well aware of how inappropriate his feelings are for his student and knows that if anything were to happen between them that he would lose his job. However, with their growing friendship and his attraction to her, he can’t help but toe the line and push the envelope when it comes to their lessons. The conflict within him was so real that I never once rolled my eyes and thought, “C’mon, dude. I mean, really?” Which is something that happens quite a bit when characters dance around their growing attraction. For him, it totally made sense and you could see the connection he had with Andie outside of class and you could help but feel for him.

While Andie is definitely inexperienced in all ways, she wasn’t annoying about it. Which was something that I found refreshing. I hate when you have an inexperienced female character who just ends up sounding like pre-teen giggling about s-e-x. Andie approached it all in a very adult way and while she’s definitely shy at first when she enters the academy and learns nudity is a common thing, she gets over the initial shock and carries on. I really enjoyed that she didn’t dwell on things like that. I also felt bad for her when it came time for her to make the decision about what she’d do after graduation, stay and be with Fulton or go back to her boyfriend. The way she was able to break it down and the plan she worked out was perfect and it really brought her up a few notches in my book for the way she handled it all.

Not only was I fascinated by the main characters but we also meet another pair who have history but you’re not quite sure what it is exactly. You get little clues and snippets here and there but something tells me it’s not as black and white as you’d initially think. While there is no cliff-hanger ending for Andie and Fulton, you are left clamoring for the next book because one of those two characters sits down to tell their backstory… which was something I was dying to be revealed throughout this whole book. So, needless to say I’m a fidgeting mess just waiting for the next book to come out.

Before I wrap this up I do want to say that while this is an erotic romance and it revolves around a BDSM academy, it was not so heavy on the lifestyle as you normally would assume. It was pretty watered down and since it’s Andie’s first time learning it all, it sort of gets broken down for you. While there are some pretty steamy scenes, it wasn’t as dark as your typical erotica/BDSM novel could be. I loved that fact because it really let the characters shine through. I got to know everyone on a more personal level instead if feeling like the sex came first, then the relationship. So if you’re looking for something that smacks you in the face with sex scenes, this isn’t it.

Master Professor was nothing what I expected and everything I didn’t know I needed. It’s a great book for anyone who’s just starting out with this subject matter but it is also a breath of fresh air for anyone who’s read BDSM books before. It had amazing characters who weren’t acting stupid all the time, an actual story instead of just sex scene after sex scene, and the sexual scenes we get were pretty darn steamy without going overboard. I thought this was a really well-rounded erotic romance and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the series. I may just have to bide my time by reading all of the other books by Tara Sue Me.


Favorite quote…

“I don’t get what the big deal is anyway. It’s sort of like you wake up at twenty and people look at you like you’re a freak if you haven’t had sex. Seriously, worry about global warming, the national deficit, why the government allows genetically modified food to be sold. My virginity shouldn’t be a topic of conversation. It’s not contagious.”




2 Thoughts on “Review: Master Professor by Tara Sue Me

  1. I like that BDSM was in the background and you really got to know the characters. Great review!

  2. Oh wow, Kristin! this sounds deliciously hot, and very enticing. I especially like that even if she was inexperienced, Andie wasn’t a blushing, giggling girl 🙂
    Great review!

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