Review: Serenades by Nikki Duncan

(Wicked Cove, #9)
By: Nikki Duncan
Publisher: Samhain
Published: Nov. 26, 2013
Genre: Contemp. Romance

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Aimee Smith found a home and friends in Whispering Cove. During the Fall Festival she found no-strings fun in the arms of her favorite country singer. Then her fling left town—and she discovered how much of himself he left behind.

Josh Bryan loved life on the road—until one Whispering Cove waitress ruined it. Not that he’s complaining. Before her, there were willing women at every stop, but none stayed in his mind, under his skin, or left him wanting a second taste. Not like her.

Almost fourteen months later, with Christmas festivities in full swing, Aimee’s days at the bar are long and her nights walking the floor are longer. Yet she’s never been happier, at least until Josh walks into the bar in a swirl of snow.

The truth could send him running, have him accusing her of setting a trap…or be her one chance to prove she wants him for more than just his money and fame. That is, if he’s willing to take a chance there’s something between them deeper than passion.


1thoughtsThe great thing about the Whispering Cover series is that every book can be read as a stand alone novel. Sure you touch base with some characters from other books but if you haven’t read the previous books, their just your typical background filler. However, for those of us who have read all or some of the previous books, we get to see some of our favorite characters brought back to life. The only time you get a sense that you’re reading a series is the prologue and epilogue when the old men of Whispering Cove are plotting their next matchmaking set up. Otherwise, it’s like a brand new series every time.

This is a great read for the holidays. Whispering Cove is having their holiday festival with special musical guest, Josh Byran. The same Josh Byran who came through Whispering Cove a year ago and had a fling with Aimee who wound up getting knocked up in the process. He’s extremely excited to be back in Whispering Cove where he can catch up with Aimee. He’s thought about her ever since they met and is looking to pick up where they left off but plans quickly change when he realizes that he has a daughter. A daughter that was kept from him.

I liked that the author wrote the “surprise you’re a father!” in a way that didn’t make either parent look like a total jerk. Aimee tried getting in touch with him but was turned away every time, and it wasn’t Josh who was doing it. Which means that someone on his team kept him from experiencing the first 5 months of his daughters life. Since neither parent was at fault, I didn’t find myself disliking either of them like I normally do when these situations come up in novels. Instead I felt really bad for both of them.

The story is short, sweet and perfect for the holidays. What could be more perfect than curling up on the couch in front of the fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa while you read a story about a family finding each other for the holidays.

1favepart“In Kendall’s room, with her wiggling in his arms, he was reduced again to a man. His status as a singer, songwriter and entertainer shrank away, because the infant he held only cared about three things. None of which she could take care of for herself.
Could he comfort her, change her, feed her?”


One Thought on “Review: Serenades by Nikki Duncan

  1. Nice review. Seems like an interesting series. Just look at that cover, sizzling! 🙂

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