Review: Shadow Mate by Alexis Calder (Giveaway)

Shadow Mate
Shadow Wolves #1
by: Alexis Calder
Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: Sept. 20, 2022
Genre: Paranormal Romance

My father traded his life for mine. And now I’m bound to an enemy.

I finally carved out a life for myself with minimal interaction with my abusive father. He might be the alpha, but he hates me enough to leave me alone as long as I don’t make him look bad.

Until he decides to challenge another alpha and offer my life in exchange for his. Now, I’m life bound to an enemy and I’m trapped in a strange pack.

Despite my attempts to keep my distance from my captor, I find myself drawn to him. But as we get closer, things get more dangerous.

There’s so much more to this than it seems and I’ve ended up right in the middle. One wrong step and it’s my life on the line. If I can’t get free of this, I’m going to end up dead and I’ll be taking my captor with me.


Morgan has not lived a great life. Even though she is the alpha’s daughter, she is given zero respect. Which is all due to the fact that her father outwardly outwardly shows he doesn’t care about her. So it doesn’t really come as a surprise when he loses an Alpha battle to the death and immediately turns around and offers his daughter up in exchange for his life. Only, when Luke agrees, he’s unknowingly bound his life to Morgan’s. If she dies, he dies. Which is the perfect opportunity for her father to kill off Luke and take over his pack. So, with no other option, Luke kidnaps Morgan and takes her back to his territory where she will be safe. Except, nothing is ever as easy as that.

This story is told in both Morgan’s and Luke’s POV. I really liked that we got inside both of their heads because it allowed us to get the full picture on what was going on. Morgan was a very strong character that was making the best out of a crappy life. With her father turning his back on her, she’s had to fight for her own safety. She runs her own bar, and doesn’t have to answer to anyone. So, when she’s brought to Luke’s territory, suffice to say, there’s an adjustment period. Meanwhile, we had Luke who at first is just trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on. All while trying to keep Morgan and himself alive. Luke’s POV definitely handled more of the behind the scenes of what was going on with all the killings taking place.

This was a great start to a trilogy. I found myself not wanting to put the book down because I wanted to know what was going on. You know that Morgan and Luke are mates (even though they don’t know it themselves) and I really appreciated the way the author handled it all. We didn’t get insta-love or a quick romance because they are “mates”. The author is making these two work for it. So it will be interesting to see what happens in the next book. This is a good book to read if you’re in the mood for a shifter story.


Meet Alexis Calder

Alexis Calder writes sassy heroines and sexy heroes with a sprinkle of sarcasm. She lives in the Rockies and drinks far too much coffee and just the right amount of wine.

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One Thought on “Review: Shadow Mate by Alexis Calder (Giveaway)

  1. So happy to see that this was such a great start to a trilogy, that is always the best!

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