Review: Shadows’ Edge by J.T. Geissinger

Shadows’ Edge

(Night Prowler, #1)
By: J.T. Geissinger
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Published: June 12, 2011
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Deep within the primeval forests of southern England, a race of beautiful, savage shape-shifters lives hidden from the everyday world. Bound together by ancient bloodlines and a ruthless code of secrecy that punishes traitors with death, the Ikati send their leader Leander on a mission to capture one raised outside the tribe before she can expose their secret. When Leander tracks the unsuspecting outsider to Southern California, the hardened warrior is prepared for a fight—but not for the effect the sensual young beauty has on his heart.

Jenna spent her childhood in hiding, on the run from someone—or something—her parents refused to discuss. She trusts no one, not since her father’s mysterious disappearance, not since her mother’s sudden death, and definitely not since she began exhibiting strange, superhuman abilities. When handsome, enigmatic Leander appears, promising answers to the mysteries that shroud her past, she knows she shouldn’t trust him either. But their connection is undeniable, and as powerful as the enemy hell-bent on destroying every one of their kind.



I really enjoyed this book. We start off with Jenna working as a sommelier… I love wine! She is not your typical kick ass heroine. In fact the first time she see’s Leander across the street she faints. She is your average chick who just so happens to have special powers and she has no idea where they came from and why. It isn’t until Leander comes into the picture that she realizes that with touching people she can see their past, present and their future plans. With touching Leander she learns that he is there to take her back to England with him, whether she goes willingly or not. So she decides stike a deal that she will go willingly (like she has a choice) only if he answers her questions. She is very smart in that she knew how to work the situation in her favor. But kick-ass she is not and I think that was something that I liked about her. She was born with all these strengths and talents but she has no idea how to use them in her favor and sometimes ends up overwhelmed by them.

Leander… where to start with him. He is the Alpha. He is stubborn and set in his ways and doesn’t understand why Jenna just doesn’t listen to him. However, it doesn’t take long for her to wrap him around her finger. In his conscience she is HIS and he will do anything to see her happy. Even if that means letting her go… which of course is against their LAW. Even though he would do anything for her, he is hell bent on getting her to acknowledge her attraction to him.

The main characters were interesting to read about. The world building was also fun. She took a normal shape shifter story and turned it into something else. I never heard of shape shifters turning to mist, or other inanimate object for that matter. Usually a shifter can turn into one animal and that’s it. There are of course bad guys in this book who are an organization of humans that are determined to rid the world of the Ikati. I cannot wait for the next book to come out. If it will continue with Jenna and Leander or if we will follow other characters… like perhaps Leander’s younger brother Christian. He was attracted to Jenna and knew what she was capable of from the moment her saw her. However, since he is the second born and not the first he was unable to make a move towards her since she was his brother’s. Either way, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the second book in the series.

“Do not ever underestimate a woman, son, or make the foolish mistake of trying to bend her to your will. She may flatter you and smile and even seem to agree, but in the end she’ll cut out your heart, feed your body to the wolves, and then enjoy a good night’s sleep.”


One Thought on “Review: Shadows’ Edge by J.T. Geissinger

  1. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A WOMAN SON. I GOT 99 PROBLEMS AND A WOMAN IS ONE. Lol ahh I iz quite the lyricist. In other news: great review. I will read x

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