Review: Shadow’s Stand by Sarah McCarty

Shadow’s Stand
(Hell’s Eight #5)
By: Sarah McCarty
Publisher: HQN Books
Published: Jan. 31, 2012
Genre: Historical Romance

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Shadow Ochoa is lying low in the western Kansas Territory, waiting for his fellow Texas Rangers—the Hell’s Eight brotherhood—to clear his name. That is, until he’s unjustly strung up for horse thieving…and pretty Fei Yen intervenes. Invoking a seldom-used law, the exotic lady prospector claims Shadow as her husband and rides off with the bridegroom shackled to her buckboard.

Savvy, fearless Fei is single-mindedly devoted to her hidden claim and all it promises: wealth, security and freedom. A husband is just a necessary inconvenience and a name on paper to hold the claim she cannot.



Fei has struck gold (literally) and needs a husband to help her secure her new future. When she comes across Shadow who is seconds away from being hung, she see’s in him the stubborn and ruthlessness or as she calls it a Dragon and hopes that he is just the man to help her out. However, Shadow is a man who is on the run from the law and has no desire to stick around for long. He will help Fei out since she saved him from death but only until he is sure she is safe.

Even though this is number 5 in the series, I was not lost at all. I had not read the other books in this series and I actually liked learning things about Shadow as Fei did throughout the book. You get the sense that Shadow is a dangerous man but a very honorable one as well. I really enjoyed the romance between the two and how they each brought out the fire in each other. Fei starts out as this meek small little thing playing up her half Chinese heritage but when she gets around Shadow she turns into this spitfire woman who says what is on her mind and she drives Shadow insane… in a good way. The way these two characters played off of each other was pretty much the highlight of the book for me. The story has quite a bit of adventure and action between Fei blowing up dynamite and Shadow slitting peoples throats, these two know how to play dirty. But it was pretty much a story of Shadow keeping his word to protect Fei from those who would seek to steal her claim while trying to protect her virtue as well.

“I think I liked it better when you were staring at me like I’m dipped in honey.” -Shadow


One Thought on “Review: Shadow’s Stand by Sarah McCarty

  1. Great review–I’ve got this one in my TBR pile (I’ve read book 1, but none of the others). I look forward to reading it soon–especially after that quote! LOL. It has me picturing all sort of things… 🙂


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