Review: Soup of the Day by Kate McMillan

Soup of the Day 
(Williams-Sonoma): 365 Recipes for Every Day of the Year
By: Kate McMillan
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Published: Jan 31, 2012
Genre: Cookbook

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A colorful, calendar-style cookbook, Soup presents 365 recipes—and daily culinary inspiration— for soups and stews to match any season, occasion, or mood. Lavish photographs and a colorful graphic design add visual appeal to these fresh and fabulous recipes celebrating a favorite dish.ENDLESSLY VERSATILE, soup is perfect for any season and every occasion. What better way to capture the essence of spring than by simmering freshly shelled peas and fava beans in a fragrant broth accented by bracing mint and refreshing lemon zest? In summer, a cool gazpacho made by whirling perfectly ripe tomatoes, juicy cucumbers, and vibrant red peppers is fitting for a hot and humid day—no pot necessary! When the air turns brisk, soup nourishes and satisfies like no other dish. In autumn, white beans mingle with sturdy greens in satisfying, peasant-style pots, and starchy squashes and root vegetables blend into silky purées. Winter brings even more soul-warming fare, such as chilis and stews featuring sausages and other hearty meats and thick vegetable soups scented with woodsy herbs.


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I love this cookbook. It is very rare that I enjoy every recipe that I make from a cookbook. Usually I find a few that I don’t care for. Not to mention… I’m not a soup person! Pretty much, the only time that I eat soup is when I’m sick. However, there are a ton of unique recipes in here that kept me interested for more soup after 3 straight days of making recipes from this book. There’s your classic soup recipes, your classics with a twist and then soup that was so strange to me that I just had to make it.

There are some pictures in this book that highlight a few of the recipes but not every recipe has a photo and for me that was a major let down. I love looking at the recipes before I make them. But even though it didn’t have pictures for all the recipes, the names of the soups still caught my eye. When you have soups like Soba Noodles & Seared Salmon in Ginger-Green Onion Broth and Spinach & Vermicelli Soup with Fried Egg, the names alone drew me in.

This is a great cookbook, especially if you love soup. The book is formatted like a calendar and it gives you a recipe for each day of the year. I tried about 5 recipes and I only made it to May. I will definitely be buying this book and making my way through the rest of the recipes.

Favorite recipe…

I loved the sweet onion soup with blue cheese toasts. The sweet onion soup paired with the pungent salty cheese, it was amazing! The entire time I was eating I kept telling the Mr. that this would be a great soup to impress people with. It’s so much fancier than the onion soup that I was raised with but it was super easy to make.

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