Review: Stray by Rachel Vincent

(Shifters #1)
By: Rachel Vincent
Published: June 1, 2007
Publisher: Mira
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: I liked it!

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There are only eight breeding female werecats left . . . And I’m one of them.I look like an all-American grad student. But I am a werecat, a shape-shifter, and I live in two worlds.

Despite reservations from my family and my Pride, I escaped the pressure to continue my species and carved out a normal life for myself. Until the night a Stray attacked.

I’d been warned about Strays — werecats without a Pride, constantly on the lookout for someone like me: attractive, female, and fertile. I fought him off, but then learned two of my fellow tabbies had disappeared. This brush with danger was all my Pride needed to summon me back . . . for my own protection. Yeah, right. But I’m no meek kitty. I’ll take on whatever — and whoever — I have to in order to find my friends. Watch out, Strays — ’cause I got claws, and I’m not afraid to use them .


The main character Faythe is one of the few female were-cats out there. When female humans and were-cats start missing and popping up dead her father, who is also the alpha of his territory calls Faythe back home from college. She isn’t happy to be back home. One of the reasons is Marc, her ex, who still has a thing for her. Now even though Faythe has a bit of an attitude problem through the majority of the book, towards the end you see her sort of lighten up. So it leads me to believe that you will see Faythe grow up with the following books.

This was the first book of Rachel Vincent’s that I have read and I liked it. I wasn’t overly sure what to expect when I first opened the book. I will admit that the book size not only scared me a bit but actually intrigued me. It is sad that books now a days are printed in larger print, double spacing and total out at about 200 pages. So it was nice to read a book that didn’t seem like it was finished before it even started.

Considering that the book is so large, I felt that the story line progressed at an even pace. Yeah there were parts in the book where not a lot of action was taking place but it took the time to give you a better idea on how the pride worked and the members that Faythe deals with on a daily basis. Another thing that I loved was Faythe’s family. Too often books like to write off the parents and family as if they don’t exist but this book embraces both the pride and the family. Not only are you introduced to the family but they play a big part in the book as well.

I liked the chemistry between Faythe and Jace, who is a total flirt in this book but I have to admit that I was rooting for Marc the entire time. You can just tell how much he cares for her and just wants her to let him back in and she keeps shutting him out. Now granted he is a bit possessive but we aren’t talking about a normal human male, we are talking about a were-cat, a panther. Have you ever seen a panther be cool and relaxed when another male panther comes up to it and it’s potential mate? I don’t think so. I don’t watch too much national geographic but even I know that it wouldn’t fly.
Faythe and a couple of the guys are drinking and Parker, hands her a glass. She asks what it is and he tells her it’s a Long Island Iced Tea. She thinks “Oh, I could handle tea.”
– I liked this because it not only shows how naive Faythe is but I also thought it was pretty funny too. Of course after a few of her iced teas she is totally smashed which leads to something happening between her and Marc. Which made me happy.


12 Thoughts on “Review: Stray by Rachel Vincent

  1. Sounds very interesting, glad you enjoyed the book 🙂

  2. I’ve been curious about this series but I won’t run off to the shop to buy it just yet. I want her upcoming book a bit more(Blood Bound). Great review 🙂

  3. I have not long finished this and I really liked it.

    ps~I gave you an award 😀

  4. I like Rachel’s Soul Screamers series, but haven’t tried her adult series. I’ll start with this one.

  5. Nice review! I’ve heard awesome things about this series, but have yet to actually read it :[

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great week!

    Nora, The Bookery

  6. This ended up being one of my favorite series! I think each book just keeps getting better. I passed this series onto two of my friends & my mom (she’s reading the final book now) and they loved this series too! One of them liked it so much she ended up buying her own copies and has shared them with friends too 🙂

    BTW- just saw your comment on the Happily Ever After Reads Blog and that’s how I found out about your blog! I will be a new follower! Great blog 🙂

  7. This one didn’t really do it for me, but I did love Jace, and I really loved the Long Island – drunk Faythe. 😉

  8. I’ve only read one of Vincent’s books – but I did like it, just haven’t had time to read more. This sounds like one I would like…gotta find the time. 🙂

  9. Great review! I’ve been really looking forward to reading this!! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I read all of the Shifters books in the past few months. This one wasn’t my favourite but I’m glad I stuck with it, they get really addictive as each plot builds on the previous. I love Jace too, he’s so much more fun than Marc.

  11. This sounds really interesting – especially as I tend to associate the genre more with young adult fiction!

  12. I really need to give this series a chance. Love shifters especially if possessive. Like you that is how I see them.

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