Review: Taken by the Dragon Prince by Kiersten Fay

Taken by the Dragon Prince
Dragon Lords #4
By: Kiersten Fay
Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: Aug. 31, 2022
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Prince Khalstorm Belmont lost everything the day his kingdom was destroyed. Imprisoned for a crime he never committed, he dreams of exacting his revenge against the witch responsible, a treacherous beauty who once tempted him beyond reason, only to betray him in the end. When Khalstorm captures her, he discovers his feelings for her are as strong as ever, leading him torn between his hunger for vengeance and his hunger for her.

Celeste Songbird both feared and longed for the day Khalstorm found her. No longer resembling the man she once loved, he is filled with rage and regret…and on a mission for her blood. Temporarily stripped of her powers, her life is at his mercy. Can she break through his ice-cold heart before all is lost?


My thoughts…

This was a short read about a witch and a dragon prince. The author shows us glimpses of their past, before the infamous murders resulted in them being imprisoned, by giving the readers flashbacks. Which shows us the relationship the two had prior to everything.

I liked the world the author created with dragons and witches. The fact that they not only had their own turmoil within their ranks, but a prejudice against each other. Which of course leads to some not so great situations.


If you’re looking for a short, quick supernatural romance, then this will check that box. I do wish that the author took a bit longer to build on characters, and their world. When the climax finally takes place, I was left wanting. Things just felt to short, as if the airport was trying to cut to the chase.



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One Thought on “Review: Taken by the Dragon Prince by Kiersten Fay

  1. I’ve liked this authors other books so I might have to get this one as well.

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