Review: The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

The Immortal Highlander
(Highlander, #6)
By: Karen Marie Moning
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Published: Aug. 3, 2004
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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With his long, black hair and dark, mesmerizing eyes, Adam Black is Trouble with a capital T. Immortal, arrogant, and intensely sensual, he is the consummate seducer, free to roam across time and continents in pursuit of his insatiable desires. That is, until a curse strips him of his immortality and makes him invisible, a cruel fate for so irresistible a man. With his very life at stake, Adam’s only hope for survival is in the hands of the one woman who can actually see him.

Enter law student Gabrielle O’Callaghan, who is cursed with the ability to see both worlds: Mortal and Faery. From the moment she lays eyes on this stunning male, Gabby is certain of one thing: He could be her undoing. Thus begins a long, dangerous seduction. Because despite his powerful strength and unquenchable hungers, Adam refuses to take a woman by force. Instead, he will tease his way into Gabby’s bed and make her want him just as he wants her.


I totally read this book without reading the previous five and was caught up on everything that was going on. It also helped that I read Moning’s Fever series and knew all about the Fae and Sidhe-seer’s. Even though I didn’t read the previous books and had no idea why Adam was being punished at the beginning, I sort of liked finding things out gradually as he told Gabby.

Adam starts out as this cocky, arrogant Fae prince who comes barging into Gabrielle’s life like a madman on a mission. You see, because Adam was cursed by his queen and turned into an invisible mortal, he jumps at the chance of having Gabrielle help him when he realizes that she is the only person who can see him. He will do anything it takes to get her to help him turn back into an immortal.

Gabrielle has spent her entire life pretending she doesn’t see the Fae all around her. For if any of them found out what she was, the hunters would be sent and she would be tortured and killed. So when she comes across a smoldering hot Fae in front of her office building, she freezes. Not only that but because of her reaction “it” now knows that she has the sight and can see it.

Moning did a great job with not only the world building but developing the characters as well. As you progress in the story, you get snippets from their pasts. I loved the progression of the attraction of the characters. Of course when they first see each other they are infatuated. Fae are incredibly irresistible, which is how they ensnare humans and Adam finds Gabrielle not only attractive but he loves her ferocity. After all when he shows up at her door hours after she accidentally reveals herself as a Sidhe-seer, she knocks him a good one upside his head. Even after they start working together, it isn’t until after they are running for their lives that Gabby starts to bring her barrier down and starts to be seduced by Adam.


After the attack, Adam and Gabby hightail it to Scotland to seek help from a family of druids. Since no one but Gabby can see Adam, she has to relay who they are and what they want.
“Tell them, Gabrielle,” Adam urged impatiently.
Blinking, Gabby nodded. “I have one of the, er… fairies here with me –”
“Tuatha Dé,” Adam corrected irritably. “You’re bloody well making me sound like Tinkerbell.”kRISTIN

4 Thoughts on “Review: The Immortal Highlander by Karen Marie Moning

  1. This must be the only one I haven’t read in this series. I have it sitting on my shelf. I am trying to think if I read the Dark Hunter…hmm..must have a lookie in it to see.
    They aren’t as good as Fever series, but I do enjoy these boys. I think you could almost read them as stand alones, but they do have little things that link them. Like book 1 , one of the chappies , his story becomes book 2:D

    Always nice seeing under the kilt..hehe!!


  2. Great review–I loved this book (and the rest of the series, really), it’s just so sexy and great! 😀 I hope you continue the rest of the series, I think you’ll like it.

    TBQ’s Book Palace

  3. SQUEE!!! I. love. this. book.
    I also read this one without reading the first 5, when I picked this one up I had NO idea it was part of a series. Maybe it’s because I read it first, or maybe because I freaking adore Adam Black, but this one is my favorite of the whole series.
    Great review!!

  4. This is the last one I have of the highlander series to read… I hear it’s the best one too! Glad you enjoyed it and great review!

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