Review: The Lying Hours by Sara Ney

The Lying Hours
(How to Date a Douchebag #5)
by Sara Ney
Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: May 9, 2019
Genre: Romance

ABRAHAM DAVIS—Honest Abe to his friends—IS IN OVER HIS HEAD…

He’s a fixer and a do good-er. The all-knowing, resident “grandfather” on the wrestling team who everyone relies on to fix their problems. His teammates go to him for everything; advice, homework, or when they need a sober driver at three in the morning–whether he likes it or not.

Abe’s current mission is easy: mend his roommates broken heart by helping him find a girlfriend on the LoveU app–without getting caught in the lie…


Over her bad grades. Over her meddling older brother and his two best friends. And over dating douchebags. What she wants to know is: where have all the nice guys gone?

She longs for a handsome, sweet, and honest guy who can make her laugh. In one last ditch effort to prove that he exists—Skylar turns to LoveU.

On her worst day, Skylar has no filter (it’s a miracle she hasn’t been ditched mid-date).
On her best, she’s as wholesome, and sweet, as pie.
On Thursday? She matches with Abraham Davis’s roommate.

Skylar Gabriel is falling for the wrong guy—she just doesn’t realize it yet.





Abe is a bit of a pushover. Anytime his friends need something, no matter what it is, he’s there to help. Which is how he ends up running his roommates dating app account. When his friend asked him to create the profile, find girls, and chat them up for a date, Abe goes along with it. However, one of the girls he’s set his roommate up with has piqued his interest.

So, um… this is the first How to Date a Douchebag book I’ve read. I’ve been wanting to read this series for a long time but just haven’t had a chance to read them. I was a little worried by the series name that all the guys would be awful, but Abe really wasn’t that bad. He was a good guy, but the way he went about getting to know Skylar was a bit shady. I mean, even after his roommate tanks the date, Abe was back on the app messaging her, apologizing, and trying to work out another date… for his roommate. The whole beginning was a bit cringe-worthy because he kept pretending to be his roommate. Once these two finally get past that, the story picked up a lot more for me.

One thing that I liked about Skylar was that she wasn’t a pushover. She was the opposite of Abe. Whereas Abe wanted to please everyone, Skylar didn’t have a problem telling people to screw themselves. I feel like she was the perfect person to help push Abe into realizing that his willingness to help others was a huge problem. It’s one thing to help a friend out when they need it, it’s a whole other thing to do their homework, get them dates, pay their rent, fix their car, etc. and Skylar wasn’t shy to bring him up to speed.

Like I said, once the lying portion was out of the equation, the story picked up for me. I thought the two of them were cute. It was your typical first relationship sort of feeling. It was sweet, cute, and just gave you the feels. Since I haven’t read the previous books, I’m not sure if Abe is a character that we were already supposed to know, but I never felt like I was missing something. I do plan to go back and read the previous books at some point, because I really like the way the author was able to pull me in. I mean, lying is a big no-no for me, and while I did want to shake Abe in the beginning, the lil sucker was still endearing throughout it all. Not sure how the author pulled that off, but kudos.



Favorite quote…

“Now, I might not know jack shit about women or relationships, but I know this for a fact: it’s never a good sign when a girl starts agreeing with everything you say.
Basically, I’m fucked.”





6 Thoughts on “Review: The Lying Hours by Sara Ney

  1. Yes! I am not far into this one, but I love this series and am glad to see you liked this. I’ve read most of the others, and I’ve enjoyed them all.

    I agree – the series name is a turnoff for me, but I eventually couldn’t resist. This author is a lot of fun!

    Great review.

  2. I hate lying but if they can get past it then I’m ok. Especially if the book is a good one.

  3. Ok, now I think I may have to try a book in the series. I don’t like lying either but I’m glad it worked out for you in the end. Plus, the series name cracks me up. LOL

  4. I am happy to see that you enjoyed this one so much for sure. I just read one of her other books and was hooked so I can’t wait to begin this series.

  5. I haven’t read this one but it sounds like a book I might like. Thanks for the great review.

  6. Happy your enjoyed it. I have seen this series around with great reviews.

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