Review: The Nanny by Lana Ferguson

The Nanny
Lana Ferguson
Publisher: Berkley Books
Publication date: April 11, 2023
Genre: Romance

After losing her job and being on the brink of eviction, Cassie Evans finds herself with two choices: get a new job (and fast) or fire up her long-untouched OnlyFans account. But there are no jobs to be found, and as for OnlyFans. . . . Well, there are reasons she can’t go back. Just when all hope seems lost, an ad for a live-in nanny position seems the solution to all her problems. It’s almost too perfect—until she meets her would-be employer.

Aiden Reid, executive chef and DILF extraordinaire is far from the stuffy single dad Cassie was imagining. She is shocked when he tells her she’s the most qualified applicant he’s met in weeks, practically begging her to take the job. With hands that make her hindbrain howl and eyes that scream sex, the idea of living under the same roof as Aiden feels dangerous, but with no other option, she decides to stay with him and his adorably tenacious daughter, Sophie.

Cassie soon discovers that Aiden is not a stranger at all, but instead someone who is very familiar with her—or at least, her body. She finds herself at a loss for what to do, given that he doesn’t remember her. As their relationship heats to temperatures hotter than any kitchen Aiden has ever worked in, Cassie struggles with telling Aiden the truth, and the more terrifying possibility—losing the best chance at happiness she’s ever had.



My thoughts…

This is a spicy twist on your traditional employer/employee romance. You see, Cassie might look like your average college student, but she used to be pretty well known as Cici on OnlyFans where she did some late night activities for money. A, well, he was her biggest fan and top subscriber. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. Neither knew what the other looked like. Which is how Cassie ends up being the nanny for Aiden, an executive chef at a well known restaurant.

I really liked the twist that the author created in this story. Between each chapter is a text conversation between Cici and A on OnlyFans. So you know right away who “A” is. The only question was wondering when they’d figure it out. There’s some instant sexual tension between the two that makes for some interesting and awkward encounters before Cassie soon puts two and two together. One thing that I will say is that I was not expecting all the explicit sex scenes in this story. There were times where I felt like it overshadowed the actually story because it was just pages and pages of sex. Which is to expected when reading erotic romance or even erotica, but I honestly thought this would be just a cute romance. So I was not expecting it.

The characters in the story were easy to like. Sohpie (the daughter) was adorable and wasn’t easily won over by people. Wanda (Cassie’s neighbor who’s like a grandma to her) was a riot and kept things lively. I also liked the main characters who were struggling and just trying to navigate their new lives.

One thing that I do wish would have been different was the conflict, and the climax of the story. You see it coming a mile away and you just pray that you’re wrong. It followed the age old recipe of “I want to make things right, so I’m going to leave so I don’t cause any more problems”. The whole thing would have been non-existent if they just talked to each other, but alas, that’s not how it played out.

The Nanny was an enjoyable read. I enjoyed the new twist the author put on the usual trope. I do think that there needs to be a warning or something stating that it’s not just a normal romance but more of an erotic romance.



2 Thoughts on “Review: The Nanny by Lana Ferguson

  1. Sounds like an enjoyable read for you and happy that you liked it! Those third act conflicts just get me. Not really my type of read as I don’t do illustrated covers most of the time, but the premise sounds intriguing.

  2. I would not expect all the explicit sex scenes from that cover. it still sounds like it was good though.

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