Review: The New Green Smoothie Diet by Hilary Greenleaf

The New Green Smoothie Diet
By: Hilary Greenleaf
Publisher: Self-published
Published: Feb 12, 2012
Genre: Cookbook

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The New Green Smoothie Diet by Hilary Greenleaf talks about the benefits of green smoothies and gives recipes and tips on making them. It goes over detoxifying the body, how to achieve increased energy levels, and how to incorporate green smoothies into a weight loss plan.
The chapters include recipes for
*Weight loss
*Detoxifying the body
*Increase energy
*Fight heart disease
*Prevent certain cancers
*Boost immune system
*Protect against diabetes
*Healthy skin and hair


I’ve tried juicing before and have found that I like it. I am not a huge vegetable person and this is a great way to get more vegetables in my body than I normally would. But, I wasn’t a huge fan of all the cleanup and prep work that you have to do for the juicer. So when Hilary sent me an email asking to review her new book I decided to jump on the offer. I have tried a few recipes from this book so far and I can’t wait to try more.

I have tried one smoothies that I wasn’t at all thrilled with that called for a small head of lettuce. Maybe I added too much lettuce but all you could taste what the lettuce and I wound up dumping the entire thing out.

This book is a starter for green smoothies. Hilary gives you tips for making your own smoothies that are geared towards your needs with the ingredients that you love. So I like that you don’t have to follow the recipe to the T. I might try the lettuce smoothie again but use spinach instead. Either way I look forward to trying more recipes.

So far my favorite smoothie is the Morning Zing that has spinach, avocado, lime, blueberries, banana and an orange in it. When I saw the energizing smoothie in the book, I decided it would be my first test victim. I tend to drink coffee in the mornings before work because if I don’t, I don’t usually get my motor running until about 2 hours in and even then I am scolding myself for skipping my caffeine fix. So I was pretty surprised when I skipped the coffee and brought a smoothie to work instead and found myself wide awake and peppy… and I am never peppy in the morning. It reminded me of the smoothies I would get at a local smoothie bar here called “Juice it up!”. You can’t taste the vegetables in this smoothie and with the avocado and banana it is a really thick and filling smoothie.

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2 Thoughts on “Review: The New Green Smoothie Diet by Hilary Greenleaf

  1. We eat/drink a green smoothie all the time – lots of spinach, but I don’t notice the taste of it at all. It has peanut butter, vanilla greek yogurt, vanilla almond milk, and banana in it as well. It kinda tastes like a dessert to me. Om nom nom!

    – Jessica @ Book Sake

  2. I love green smoothies, they’re big with vegans! My fave is water, baby spinach and a ripe banana, simple but delicious!

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