Royals, Rebounds, and Murder

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This week seems like it just flew right on by. It’s still been cloudy here, so I haven’t been able to do much on Instagram. However, the Mister and I have been checking out local nurseries in the area. He’s been on the lookout for a specific colored bougainvillea… which he was able to find yesterday! It was the only one they had. Today will be spent checking out other nurseries for a color that will compliment it since he wanted two different colors for the area he has planned. Me on the other hand, I just love going and checking out the houseplant section. I may have obtained five more plants since the last Weekly Wrap-up. It just seems like every time I walk into a nursery, they have one of the hard-to-find plants that I’ve been searching for online. Plus, two of the plants are from a neighbor who gave me her two orchids to nurse back to health. Which I think will be a fun project as well as interesting to see what their flowers will look like.

All of this would be totally fine if we weren’t planning on moving later this summer though. 😬



New arrivals

Thank you Montlake Romance for the review copy of All the Little Lights



Read last week

Just One of the Royals was a cute mash-up of Princess Diaries and teenage hockey players.  Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend sounded like it was going to be a fun fake-romance, but it missed the mark for me. All the Little Lights was way more than I thought it would be. I was expecting a swoon-worthy romance with teenage angst, not a teenage version of American Horror Story. I was pleasantly surprised with this one.



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6 Thoughts on “Royals, Rebounds, and Murder

  1. I really like the flowers and the plants. I have fake plants and flowers in my apartment because I kill everything.

  2. Your plants look great. I hope your husband can find what he’s looking for. Have a good week!

  3. Ooh Brave New Girl. I just got the sequel and need to read it one of these days soon… and we haven’t been to a nursery yet this spring! Seriously slacking over here in that department lol.

  4. I love going to nurseries and just looking at all of the gorgeous plants and flowers. I don’t have much luck actually keeping them alive but they’re so lovely to look at.

  5. Lauren Becker on 28 May, 2018 at 7:02 pm said:

    I really need to use my Instagram more. I want to do more book focused pictures, but sometimes it’s tough to figure out WHAT to do. haha


  6. Good luck with your move prep! I was supposed to be moving in the summer but it’s unlikely to happen now which sucks. 🙁
    I’ve notice a HUGE upswing in the amount of ‘Royal’ books. It’s a trend I’m avoiding like the plague… Except for Emma Chase’s series. I’m going to read that one.

    Have a good weekend!

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