Sneak Peek Wednesday: Lycan’s Blood Queen by Catherine Edward

Lycan’s Blood Queen
(Randolph Duology #1)
by Catherine Edward
Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: Aug. 22, 2019
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Aaron George Randolph, ruling King of the Lycans, is hell-bent on revenge for his mother’s brutal death at the hands of Vampires. But when a suspicious student takes up resident on his turf, he can’t help but be drawn to her despite knowing what she is.

Taken into custody by the ruling family of Brookedge, Mia’s life is complicated by the whole different world of mythical creatures living among humans. Now she must survive the impending civil war between old rivals, all the while learning about her true self and the power she holds. Torn between the nature of who she is and the overwhelming desire for the Lycan king, her choices are minimal.

What begins as vicious hostility changes into defying desire as Aaron and Mia are brought together by an unforgiving grudge that miraculously blooms into something unexpected that neither knew they needed.

With the war on the rise and a powerful enemy at the head of it, will their feelings for each other heal them in time? Or will they be forced to part ways and deny each other what was fated to be?



Sneak Peek

Cold crisp air filled his lungs. But it did nothing to ease the tension. Aaron George Randolph marched to the balcony. His fists clenched.They were in his territory again––hunting. His beast was on edge. It has just been little more than a week since his last run. Strong muscles in his arms flexed as he tightened his grip on the railing.

They wanted a challenge, and he’d give it to them. He’d hunt them all and burn their asses, erasing their species for once and for all.

The double doors to his makeshift office swung open.

His father strode in, moving further to sit on the leather seat. Aaron inherited all his physical features from his father. Both having golden blond hair and warm brown eyes with high cheekbones and strong jaw lines, but he stood a couple inches taller than his father at six-foot-three.

“Something’s bothering you.” His father, Jerome, observed.

Instead of answering, the towering male made his way back inside the room and over to the cart filled with an unimaginable variety of tea. He filled the white china with the patience of a sprouting seed, waiting for the water to come to a boil before dousing it over the organic leaves sitting in the teacup. Saucer in hand, he balanced it perfectly with every step and placed it gently in front of his father.

“I suppose you’re telling me to mind my own business.” The former king closed his eyes, relaxing against the leather couch.

He smirked. “It’s nothing you should worry about.”

“I could argue that point, but I lack your mother’s perverseness. She could carry on an argument for weeks without an end in sight.” He chuckled. “But I know my boys. You’ll do whatever you want no matter the consequence.”

Smiling, Aaron pinched the bridge of his nose before sitting across his father and pulling up the slacks to be comfortable. “Are you trying to score yourself a humble brag, Dad?”

He scoffed. “Definitely not. Your mother won in most departments. I just gladly resorted myself to taking an L whenever I possibly could.”

The strapping male seated opposite to the former king visibly cringed at his modern use of words.

“God, don’t say that again.”

He laughed. “I’ve got to find ways of keeping myself entertained. Bringing good stories to tell your mother when I meet her again. Otherwise, she’ll have my ass for being such a gloom bucket.” His oldest son looked across the table at his father, noticing the deep, dark bags under his eyes that once shone with authority and love. Jerome was slowly but surely becoming a skeleton of the male he once used to be. But this was the curse of their race––one mate for a lifetime. Since the loss of his mate, the words have slowly proven themselves true as sorrow etched all his features. Anything and everything reminded the male of his dead mate, their mother.

To live out such a life even after finding your soul mate. . .

Aaron looked away, swallowing hard before standing. He’d been trying to rub the edge off, but this made matters worse.

He thought back to the time when his parents used to live happily, eyes twinkling with joy and love for each other. Often enjoying brunch and evening tea together. Esmeralda Maria Randolph, his mother, was always the voice of reason. He gained that quality from his mother.

“It isn’t healthy to hold your beast a hostage for so long, son.” A quiet sip escaped his father. “A good run ought to set you both on track.”

“No time,” he said.

Aaron knew his father was right. He’d have to let it out soon or risk hurting someone. Having a mate would square all that out, but now it was not what his mind was occupied with. The war was looming on their heads. He had no time for anything else. “Juan and Matthew are following a lead, and I’m conflicted about the winter ball.” The pack would expect him to choose a mate.

“You don’t have to hurry, son. Wait for the right female. You have better control of your beast than I did.” Jerome’s hand combed through Aaron’s hair. A deep sigh escaped his lips as he tilted his head, leaning toward his father.

“Is there any progress with the clans?”

“No.” The leaders of the three fellow clans were siblings, and Henry, his grandfather, was the firstborn. They lived together until the war among the supernaturals for the greed of power ripped them apart. The losses were too great, and the brothers didn’t agree with Henry’s views regarding the war. The estranged brothers now lived with their families and their own packs in different cities. Packs run by betas. Didn’t they realize the beasts needed their alpha?

“What about the others?”

Aaron sighed. “I suspect Helius is in bed with the vampires.” The hot-headed demon king was a constant pain in their asses. His spies spotted said demon with the leeches, not on one but two such occasions. It was bad enough that the demon was already on the fence. Despite his promise to stay away from the war, his sword was now tilting toward the wrong side of the playing field. Aaron knew he couldn’t trust that bastard. Demons were tricky. It was for the best to not assume anything with their kind, even if things looked rather bleak.

“And what about the fae?”

“Their three subjects were abducted last week. King Luvon wants help.” He stood and walked to his massive desk, sipping his tea thoughtfully. His gaze drifted through the stack of papers waiting for him. He’d send out a team of his best trackers. He wondered how much more successful his team would be this time. The trail always ended cold. It was as if they disappear into thin air. Perhaps that was what they did.

He could see the need to have someone else in the field. Someone, who could trace magic back to its origin.

“Now tell me about the girl your brothers found,” his father asked sitting upright, cold fury replacing the warmth of his brown eyes.

Aaron sensed the pain behind that fury. “She’s under surveillance.”

Anger flared within him. The recent discovery had been a crest to his ever-growing problems. He wanted nothing more than to drag her sorry ass to the torture chambers.

He had never hurt a female before. But I want to hurt this one.

Her kind had been their mortal enemies ever since they came into existence.

“Let me know when you have something; and son, be careful with this one.” Jerome stood.

His nod was grim. “Sure.”

He dialed the familiar number for the third time today. Maximus, his third-in-command hadn’t checked in this afternoon.

“John!” He reached out through their telepathic link. A convenient ability the lycanthropes and the werewolves possessed. It helped them to communicate with one another telepathically. It sure came handy often, but they had to be in close proximity for it to work. The link weakened with the distance.

“Yes, Alpha.”

“Max is in trouble. Get Frankie to track his phone.”

“I’m on it.”

“See what the leeches outside the city know of this girl.”

“Certainly, Alpha.”

He knew a few vampires were forced into this life. Hundreds of them lived on the outskirts of his territory with his approval. However, none had warned him about the intruder.

How dare she barge into my territory without my permission? He refused to believe the things he heard about her. Her innocent appearance helped her blend with the humans. Looks could be deceiving. She has an agenda. That much was clear. Why else she would be in his territory under the disguise of a student?

A trespasser.

What were they planning this time? They were on the move. His hatred was directed to their king who set this in motion. No one knew where he hid his sanctuary, guarding it with the magic of witches. And Lilith, the witch, was the key. Escorting her to Brookedge was the task given to Maximus.

He strolled to the balcony. His clothes ripped as his beast pushed forward. Bones snapped and realigned. Razor sharp claws burst out of his fingertips. Midnight black fur replaced his human skin. The beast of the night rolled its shoulders. He jumped over the railing, landing gracefully on the ground before taking off toward the east.



Meet Catherine Edward

Hailing from India, Catherine is an author and law graduate, specializing in Intellectual Property & Copyright Infringement. She is passionate about Lycans, Werewolves, Witches and Vampires, and writes sizzling tales of love and betrayal.

Her love for books started from a very young age, when her loving father would gift her books like Russian Tales woven with fantasy. But it was in late 2015 when she found the books of Paranormal Romance author Cynthia Eden, whose books introduced her to the whole new world of paranormals. The more she read the more she got enticed and she penned her first novel in 2016. Since then, she has resigned her full time job as the HR and Operations Manager at an marketing/event management firm to pursue her passion as a writer.

When she isn’t writing, she likes to travel and read. Music and writing goes hand in hand for this night owl. Her family and furbabies are her world.

She also loves to chat with her readers and fellow authors. You can find Catherine often chatting on Twitter or on her Facebook page.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram




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  1. This sounds good! I never say no to a solid sounding vampire/lycan novel. 🙂

  2. Oooh Lycans and Vampires. I do like the sound of this one.

  3. This is a very interesting and promising premise. I liked the excerpt, though it felt like bits of it could have been cut down some. There seem to be a lot of players in this story, and I feel like I want to get to them.

    I’m intrigued enough to check it out.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. very cool cover and i do love a good paranormal romance
    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. Sounds so fascinating, the first paragraph alone has me hooked!!! I haven’t heard of this book but I really want to grab it up.

  6. Sounds interesting! I’m assuming the woman is vampire and we’re going to get an enemies to lovers with a Romeo and Juliet style of book, lol.

  7. I’d not seen this one yet. Awesome cover!

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