Sneak Peek Wednesday: The Devil’s Own by K.A. Fox (Giveaway)

The Devil’s Own
(Murphy’s Law #1)
by K.A. Fox
Publisher: Acorn Publishing
Publication date: April 20, 2019
Genre: Fantasy

Delaney Murphy has always known she’s the Devil’s daughter. And although the title itself is a burden, she never expects to inherit all her father’s infernal abilities. When her newfound magic begins to poison the people closest to her, Laney must make a choice. To protect the world from the worst she can do, she leaves everyone she loves behind and builds a new life for herself, alone, in a place where she can control the urge to give in to the magic living within her.

But when she recognizes a familiar pattern in a string of murders, Laney leaves her peaceful, isolated life behind and goes on the hunt, unleashing a threat she never dreamed possible. Confronting this menacing specter could mean giving in to temptation and becoming the one thing she fears most. Will she use her magic to do the right thing, even if it means hurting the ones she loves?



Sneak Peek

“That’s right. Fight me, little girl. I enjoy it when you fight.” His voice was like acid burning in my ears. I balled my left hand into a fist and swung it at his head. The connection with his cheekbone sent a shock up my arm, but the impact broke his concentration enough that I was able to suck in a few quick breaths. Shaking his head to clear it, Chaos stayed on top of me, his body weight holding me down even as I thrashed. He sneered, grabbing my left wrist and pinning it down, grinding it into the pavement. The long fingers of his free hand wrapped effortlessly around my small neck and pressed down again. Black specks began to cluster at the edge of my vision. I jerked and tried to scream but there was no air. He leaned in a little closer, laughing. “Just a little longer. Then I’ll enjoy eating you bit by bit. While you’re still alive. Two for the price of one.”Drops of his saliva landed on my face as I shoved against him once more. His eyes were locked with mine. I bucked up, less strength in me this time. He easily shrugged off my weak attempts to shake him loose. The sounds of my feet scratching along the rough ground as I tried to find some traction were loud in my ears, desperate as I fought to reach the handle of the blessed blade hidden in my boot. Chaos never looked away from my face, his attention focused intently on me. My vision darkened, blackness edging around the image of him above me. A sick smile crawled across his face, bone white teeth bared. “Soon,” he leaned down to whisper at me, “I’ll have you both.” His tongue snaked out, licking my cheek and laughing in my ear.

The pop of air when I jammed my knife into his neck was sublimely satisfying. His mouth opened to gasp, choking on blood as the color drained from his face. Words I didn’t understand gurgled out of him, but the rush of blood drowned his voice as he slid off to my side.



Meet K.A. Fox

K.A. Fox is a proud military brat who has lived all over the world but now calls the Midwest home. She uses her psychological training to facilitate successful negotiations at work and to convince her husband and three sons that she’s always right. When not writing, she can usually be found hiding somewhere with a book and a bit of chocolate, or chasing after her own adorable Hell Hound.

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7 Thoughts on “Sneak Peek Wednesday: The Devil’s Own by K.A. Fox (Giveaway)

  1. Thanks for being on the tour! 🙂

  2. Rita Wray on 25 April, 2019 at 8:15 am said:

    Sounds like a great read.

  3. Wow! This sounds exciting, Kristin! I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing that excerpt!

  4. I haven’t read this author but I really liked the excerpt. This sounds like a book I might like. That cover is very cool too.

  5. Steph y on 26 April, 2019 at 12:07 pm said:

    The blurb kinda reminds me of CAOS

  6. Eileen Boyce on 7 May, 2019 at 11:57 pm said:

    This sounds good to me. Thanks

  7. Donna Porter on 8 May, 2019 at 7:54 pm said:

    Sounds like a book I will enjoy!

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