Sneak Peek Wednesday: The Venerate Order by Troy Dukart

The Venerate Order
by Troy Dukart
Publisher: Creativia
Publication date: Feb. 26, 2018
Genre: Fantasy

Strafe Rocknus has suffered hard losses in his life, but now things are looking up for the college graduate.

He has a sizzling girlfriend, good friends and a bright career ahead of him. But one day, Strafe awakes in a mysterious cavern, discovers an ancient artifact, and unwittingly ignites a war that spans two worlds: his own, and one he never knew existed.

With the abyss of the unknown before him, Strafe enters the swirling darkness. Desperate, he must navigate a new and hostile world on the brink of catastrophe, and learn the truth of who he is, while facing a darkness with the power to destroy everything Strafe has ever cared about.

Soon, he will discover that his greatest strength comes from those he fights for.



Sneak peek

There was dirt in my mouth; I was lying in a puddle of dirty water. My vision was blurry, my head was pounding, and I…wasn’t sure where I was. As I stood up and spit out the dirt, I found myself standing with thousands of soldiers in strange armor. The place was littered with the dead. When I touched the side of my head I found blood; must’ve been where I got hit in the rapids. What the hell is this? I had to take deep breaths to remain calm. My body was trembling. Where am I?

As I looked around, I saw the horizon begin to move. Across the flatlands on which we stood, I saw an army moving toward us, as far as the eye could see. They didn’t look like the soldiers I was standing with; they wore grey and purple armor. They also had strange looking translucent creatures with them. Each creature reminded me of a polygon, as their bodies were made of acute angles. They had sharp looking claws and teeth.

Some of them looked humanoid, some like animals.

“Lieutenant Rocknus! We await your command,” a soldier in blue and gold armor told me.

“Lieutenant?…I’m, not…What the hell is this? There hasn’t been a military force here for 30 years,” I scratched my head in confusion.

“Sir, they are approaching,” he pointed out to me.

The opposing army began to advance toward us. I kept looking back and forth, clueless as to what was going on. A man that looked like a ninja, wearing a pure white bandana across his forehead with a symbol on the front, approached me.

“Strafe, get ready. We are about to charge.”

He looked different than the soldiers around me,

“Wait, who are you? Is this New Santa Barbara?”

He squinted his eyes, tilted his head and walked away. Another man wearing shining silver armor imbedded with blue and red diamonds grabbed my shoulder, “Don’t mind Zon. He gets edgy before battle, but you already know that! You ready for this brother?”



Meet Troy Dukart

Troy Dukart is the author of the Venerate Saga (The Venerate Order, The Venerate Redemption, sequels to follow).

Troy grew up outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities. Troy is recognized by Toastmasters International as an Advanced Communicator Bronze and Advanced Leader Bronze.

He’s lived in Japan as well as California. He loves to travel.

Make sure to stop by his website and sign-up for the newsletter to stay in the know!

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram




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11 Thoughts on “Sneak Peek Wednesday: The Venerate Order by Troy Dukart

  1. This one looks and sounds interesting! First time I hear about it, but I noted it down, thanks 🙂

  2. I hadn’t heard about this one before but it does sound like an interesting read for sure.

  3. that’s an intriguing cover

  4. Color me intrigued 🙂

  5. Oh this sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I always say if you;re going to pick a fight, make it with a world no one knows exists.

  7. This looks like it has definite possibilities! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for bringing such an interesting book to my attention.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  9. Sneak peeks are always fun. This sounds like an interesting book.
    Deanna from Deanna’s World

  10. The cover looks kind of like transformers, haha 😀 sounds interesting!

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