Snuggly Weather Should Mean More Reading…

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I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather. I know that I am.

This month was pretty successful as far as TNR goes. I caught 5 cats, got them fixed, and then returned to their colonies. I also got Nezuko into the rescue organization on the island. She’s currently getting loved on by her new foster mom and I’m sure she will be adopted out soon enough. While I was sad to see her go, and definitely shed a few tears, I am not equipped to find her a good home. My intentions would be in the right place, but the organization I got her into had a six page questionnaire for potential adopters, then once they find an adopter, they make them sign contracts, and continue to check up on the animal after adoption. So, I was very relieved that they had a foster home ready for her. I know that they have the capability to make sure she finds a forever home and not just simply an “Oki pet” for military members while stationed on the island.

I’d like to say that I killed it with my reading, but I didn’t. I suppose I read more than I have been lately, but still nowhere near as many books as I used to read pre-pandemic. I’m sure that’s going to decrease even more now that I have my Hiragana and Kana textbooks to help me learn Japanese. Figured it might be useful to know more than a few polite words if I’m going to be living here for a handful of years. So, I really want to buckle down on that now that my textbooks arrived.


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4 Thoughts on “Snuggly Weather Should Mean More Reading…

  1. It looks like you had a great month here. And some great reads it looks like. I know everyone is loving Love Hypothesis. I am enjoying the cold weather somewhat, I mean its Utah, so cold weather is freezing temps haha

    Hope December is a wonderful reading month for you.

  2. We are below freezing many days – not ready for it. Enjoy your reading this week!

  3. I like cooler but not cold weather. 🙂 So glad you are having successful cat rescues.
    I hope you are enjoying what reading you get to. Have a wonderful December!

  4. We all have those less productive reading weeks. I hope this week is better on that front for you

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