To New Adventures!

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Life is currently crazy. I had planned to try to keep up with blogging right up until we left, but that hasn’t worked out. Not only am I not reading, but there’s just no time to do anything that isn’t related to the move. In April, my mom flew out to CA and then helped us load all the shell babies in the vehicle and then drove across the country to NY. If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw how that trip went. Basically, that massive rain/tornado storm that swept through the southern US up to the east… yeah, we drove through that. One morning, after staying up until midnight trying to get out of the storm, my husband woke us up telling us we needed to move and get on the road ASAP. He kept talking about wanting to beat the rain that was coming in. I should have known something was up when I went to check out and EVERYONE was turning in their room keys and saying they were trying to get out of the area. It wasn’t until a couple hours later that my husband fessed up that his phone got a tornado warning alert and he was trying not to panic me and my mom. Which would have totally happened because I am terrified of tornadoes. Aside from the craptastic weather, the road trip was fun. We got to see the Grand Canyon, have some delicious creole food in New Orleans, I got to see Villalobos, and even spotted Kanini heading to work.

Once we got to NY it was pretty much GO GO GO! I had three separate enclosures to set up. I’m eternally grateful to everyone who helped out. My uncle built Hailey (my tortoise) a massive tortoise table. My best friend and husband helped me build the hermit crab enclosure. Not to mention my mom willingly took on a tortoise, hermit crabs, fish, and isopods for the next handful of years while we are in Okinawa.

As I type this, the movers haven’t come yet. Once they arrive, my computer will be gone and I won’t see it for a couple months. However, if you want to keep up to date on my adventures during this move, check out my Instagram. I will be updating everyone via the stories section. 🙂


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2 Thoughts on “To New Adventures!

  1. Good luck with the move! Moving is stressful, but moving across the country is a massive undertaking. I couldn’t imagine not seeing my computer for over a month!!!

  2. Good luck with everything involving the move.

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