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Love is a Battlefield

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This week was very low-key for me. The Mister was gone this week for work, so I decided to take that opportunity to just sit at the computer and get as much work done as possible. I still have a ton of more blog posts to type up, but I got a solid chunk done over the last few days. Which is huge for me since I am usually typing up posts the day before.

While I was successful in getting some work done, the books I read left me feeling ho-hum. There were just a lot of mediocre reads with characters that seemed to lack a brain. I even had a DNF this week, which is sad since I thought I would love that story. Actually, I thought I was going to love ALL of the books I read. Which was probably why I fell into a reading slump. It’s just so rough to be letdown over and over by books that you are so sure of.


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Review: For Forester by J. Nathan

For Forester
(For You #2)
by J. Nathan
Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: July 19, 2017
Genre: New Adult Sports Romance

Trace Forester is Alabama’s star wide receiver. Being back under his parents’ roof for the summer isn’t the ideal situation, but the moment he sees Marin, the star of his adolescent fantasies, he knows it’s about to get interesting. She may not have noticed him back then, but he’s going to make damn sure she does now.

The last time Marin saw Trace he was a kid tearing up the neighborhood on his skateboard. That’s when she thought she had the perfect husband and life. But now her life is in shambles and Trace is back in town. Marin may be drawn to his good looks and undeniable charm, but he’s ten freaking years younger.

Marin learned the hard way that nothing worth having ever comes easy. And pushing Trace Forester away will be anything but easy.


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Sneak Peek Wednesday: Ouroboros by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge

(Circuit Fae #2)
by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge
Publisher: Monster House Books
Publication date: March 27, 2018
Genre: LGBTQ+, Young Adult Fantasy

All introverted geek girl Syl Skye wants is to get close to her girlfriend. But when you can kill with a simple touch, a normal date night’s not really in the cards.

As it happens, Syl is also a sleeper-princess of the fair Fae. Last year after a freak accident, her power Awakened, granting her white flame to purify the darkness.

Rouen Rivoche is that darkness—a dark Fae princess whose power to bewitch mortals is as terrifying as the violet lightning she controls. Rouen is Syl’s total opposite. Her mortal enemy.

She’s also Syl’s beloved girlfriend.

And even though they joined forces to defeat the evil Circuit Fae who harnessed the killing magic in technology to take over the school…that was so last year.

Now, Syl’s touch could mean Rouen’s death. Her increasing power is spiraling out of control, threatening to burn down everything she and Rouen have built together.

Their lives, their love, their very world.


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Review: Not Quite Crazy by Catherine Bybee

Not Quite Crazy
(Not Quite #6)
by Catherine Bybee
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Publication date: March 6, 2018
Genre: Romance

No one drives in New York City. Everyone knows that, including California transplant Rachel Price. But that doesn’t stop her from driving into the city. From Connecticut. Every single morning. Rain or shine…or snow.

When she runs the charismatic and good-looking Jason Fairchild off the road, their immediate spark is met with bad timing. There is also one tiny little detail: Jason is her boss. And a woman as intelligent and dedicated to her career as Rachel knows not to date her boss.

As CEO of a private jet company, Jason Fairchild is more used to flying than driving. But if he hadn’t chosen to drive home one night, he wouldn’t have met the slowest—and most irresistible—driver in the entire metro area. Jason has never had time for love. Or dating. Or really anything that doesn’t involve work. But when he finds out that Rachel is the newest superstar in his marketing department, he can’t help wondering if fate has other plans…


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Lawyers, Rock Stars, and Kings.

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Kind of exciting news… I hit the 500 milestone mark on Instagram followers this week! Which I’m really excited and surprised about. A lot of you guys have themes. Heck, all the “how-to” posts I see online for Instagram say that you should have a theme if you want to post about books, but I’m horrible about restrictions. I like to post whatever I want, when I want to. I also don’t have all those fancy props and random stuff that people put in their photos. I don’t have the space for that kind of stuff and with how often we move with the Mister’s job, I don’t want to have to pack it up every few years. Bleh! So, my account is pretty basic with no fancy flair or frills. So, the fact that I hit 500 is mind-boggling. So if you follow me on there, THANK YOU! Also, leave a comment with your IG handle so that I can follow you back. 😉


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Review: For Finlay by J. Nathan

For Finlay
(For You #1)
by J. Nathan
Pubilsher: Self-published
Publication date: Jan. 30, 2017
Genre: New Adult Romance

Finlay Thatcher is a lost soul, guilt-ridden after the death of her twin brother. When Alabama’s football coach gives her the opportunity to work for him, she knows it’s her chance to move on, even if it means living her brother’s dream.

Caden Brooks is Alabama’s star quarterback. He’s got it all. The attention of adoring fans. A girlfriend who’d do anything to hold on to him. And a future in the pros. He’s getting along just fine until Finlay steps into his life, despising him at first sight and pushing his buttons like no other.

Unfortunately for Finlay, and her attempt to keep Caden at arm’s length, there’s nothing Caden loves more than a challenge. The problem with this challenge is she comes with a secret that has the power to destroy everything.


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Favorite Book-to-Movie Adaptations


Some of us get excited at the idea of our beloved books being turned into movies/shows, and then there are some of us who cringe when the news breaks about the upcoming adaptation. Which is understandable because so many times I sit down to watch my favorite book be played out on the big screen only to sit there horrified at the train wreck in front of me. Seriously, do some of these writers and directors even read the books they are trying to bring to life? However, there are times when the people in charge know the material and get it. So today I want to talk about a few of my favorite book-to-screen adaptations.


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Review: Squared Away by Annabeth Albert

Squared Away
(Out of Uniform #5)
by Annabeth Albert
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: April 16, 2018
Genre: M/M Romance

In the wake of tragedy, SEAL Mark Whitley rushed stateside to act as guardian to his sister’s three young children. But a conflicting will could give custody to someone else—someone Mark remembers as a too young, too hot, wild party boy. Even after six years, Mark can’t shake the memory of his close encounter with Isaiah James, or face up to what it says about his own sexuality.

Isaiah’s totally over the crush that made him proposition Mark all those years ago. In fact, he’s done with crushing on the wrong men altogether. For now, he’s throwing himself into proving he’s the best person to care for his cousin’s kids. But there’s no denying there’s something sexy about a big, tough military man with a baby in his arms.

As the legal details get sorted out, their long-buried attraction resurfaces, leading to intimate evenings after the kids are tucked in. A forever future is within reach for all of them, if only Mark can find the courage he needs to trust Isaiah with his secrets—and his heart.


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Swish and Flick

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Big news here at the Book Sniffers Keep… I GOT MY FIRST WAND!!! :cue the Oprah “you get a car” yell: My best friend bought me one shortly after getting home from her visit out here. Apparently there was a little girl selling wands and my friend bought one. Not sure if she was at an art fair, someone’s kid was selling it, or she happened across a lil girl selling wands on the corner, but she bought me a custom wand! I know you can’t really grasp my excitement about thing through typed words but I’M LOSING MY MIND OVER IT! I may or may not have started swish and flicking the wand around the house like some deranged version of Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. Yes, I’m 30 years old. No, I will never grow up!

On other news, I’m pretty sure I bruised my tailbone and injured my breast bone last Friday during my snowboarding adventure. I fell pretty hard on my back-end and was in really bad pain. So when I fell on the board later on (there’s only one way off that stupid mountain and that’s to just continue on) I locked my hands behind me to keep my butt from hitting the snow. I thought maybe I just banged up my body and after I let it rest, I would be good as new. NOPE! They both still hurt. The Mister jokes that he’s going to get me one of those butt donut pillow things to sit on, but I’m holding strong. As long as I don’t sit on any hard surfaces, keep a perfect posture going (easier said than done), and don’t twist my upper half to pick something up, then I don’t end up in pain. All I know is that my pain in the butt is making it hard for me to sit down for extended periods of time and blog. Let alone bend in crazy angles to try to get the “perfect shot” for Instagram. So, if I’ve been a bit quiet lately, that is why.


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Review: Ride Dirty by Laura Kaye

Ride Dirty
(Raven Riders #3.5)
by Laura Kaye
Publisher: Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
Publication date: March 13, 2018
Genre: Romance

Caine McKannon is all about rules. As the Raven Riders Sergeant-at-Arms, he prizes loyalty to his brothers and protection of his club. As a man, he takes pleasure wherever he can get it but allows no one close—because distance is the only way to ensure people can’t hurt you. And he’s had enough pain for a lifetime.

And then he rescues a beautiful woman from an attack.

Kids and school are kindergarten teacher Emma Kerry’s whole life, so she’s stunned to realize she has an enemy—and even more surprised to find a protector in the intimidating man who saved her. Tall, dark, and tattooed, Caine is unlike any man Emma’s ever known, and she’s as uncertain of him as she is attracted. As the danger escalates, Caine is in her house more and more – until one night of passion lands him in her bed.

But breaking the rules comes at a price, forcing Caine to fight dirty to earn a chance at love.


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