Do you write reviews for books you don’t finish?

When I first started the book blog, I finished every book I read. I think it was partially because I was excited to be given books to review, and I was also just getting back into reading and was devouring every book I came across. However, I got burnt out real fast and soon decided that it wasn’t worth pushing myself to read a book that I just wasn’t into. Basically, if I’m bored while reading it, and am loath to pick it back up after putting it down for a break, I give it the heave-ho. There are just way too many books out there to spend it on one that just isn’t for me. However, do I still turn around and write a review on the book I just gave up on reading? If I have something to say about the book, then the answer is yes, and here’s why.

A lot of times a do not finish for me just left me feeling “blah” and I don’t have anything to really write because the book didn’t leave me feeling anything. When that happens I just move on. However, there are times when a book snags my attention but still just isn’t for me. Even if I don’t love a book, or didn’t finish it, I still want to try to share it with you guys. Let’s face it, we aren’t always going to like the same books. There are many huge fandoms over books that I just don’t get. So, I realize that even though I may not be feeling a particular book or story, you may love it. So, even though I don’t know how the story ends, I can still share the book with you and maybe explain why the book didn’t work for me. Sometimes the reasons I list may be things that ping your interest. One thing I always try to be in my reviews, even when I don’t finish them, is respectful to the author. They worked hard on that story and that is their baby. I’m not here to knock it down or anything. I just want to share the book with you guys. Heck, there have been one star and do not finish reviews that I’ve read on some of my favorite book blogs that made me pick up a book… and I really enjoyed them!

So, yeah, if I have something to say about a book to give you guys a sense of what it’s about and why it didn’t work for me, I’m going to write a review. We’re aren’t going to love every book we read and we aren’t all going to love the same books. So, the book I am unable to finish may be a book that you can’t put down.


To all my book blogging friends out there, do you write reviews for the books you don’t finish?




8 Thoughts on “Do you write reviews for books you don’t finish?

  1. Let me think…nope. Or well like 3 sentence reviews

  2. Half the time I do on the blog but mostly if I DNF I’ll do a paragraph or so and put it on GoodReads.

  3. I always write a review for books I read or even if I am forced to DNF for certain reasons. Even if its a short review, I still write a DNF review and explain my reasons. Most of the time its nothing to do with the book, its more it isn’t for me.

    Great topic!!

  4. I confess that I review eveything even if I don’t finish but well that’s for sure that it’s not too long

  5. I think I have only done one review for a book I didn’t finish. Would I do more? If it’s a read to review book, sure.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  6. I don’t rate my dnf’s but I do say it was a dnf then write a short summary of why I wasn’t enjoying it and gave up and if I have a very trusted reviewer friend with an opposite opinion – I’ll add a link to their review.

    I’m a firm believer in all reviews being helpful to readers to help them choose for themselves.

  7. ratmom on 2 December, 2017 at 1:33 pm said:

    I’m a little OCD about finishing books I start. I haven’t not finished a book in a long time.

  8. I have no rules about this. Sometimes if there is a specific reason I stopped reading I will write a short Goodreads review about why I stopped. Sometimes I just quietly quit the book and move on.

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