Excerpt: Intermix Nation by M.P. Attardo

Intermix Nation
By: M.P. Attardo
Publisher: Self-published
Published: March 5, 2013
Genre: New Adult

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North America, paragon of diversity, is gone. From its ashes, a new nation has arisen – Renatus – where the government segregates the surviving population into races, forbidding interracial marriage, mating, and love.

Eighteen-year-old Nazirah Nation is a pariah, an intermix, born of people from different races. When her parents are murdered in the name of justice, Nazirah grudgingly joins the growing rebellion fighting against the despotic government.

Overwhelmed with grief, consumed by guilt, Nazirah craves vengeance as a substitute for absolution. But on her journey to find the girl she once was, Nazirah must learn the hard way that nothing … no one … is purely black or white. Like her, every human is intermix, shades and hues of complex emotions. And those who can take everything away are also the ones who can give everything back.

Nazirah rose early, unable to sleep. She bathed in a wooden soaking tub filled with mountain water, heated by sizzling fire stones. Nazirah scrubbed her lips until they bled, trying to erase all traces of him, of what they did. She cried into her knees, alone in the dark, until the water turned icy.

Submerging entirely, Nazirah sank into divine inexistence, nothing but a bag of bones, atoms, and collapsed matter. She sank far down and she tried to stay, there, in that black hole of nothingness. But it spit her out. Lungs about to burst, Nazirah returned to the surface, a sputtering, gasping mass of being.

This needs to stop.

“There is only one path to redemption,” Nazirah whispered, remembering her promise. “You know what it is.”

Truthfully, Nazirah isn’t sure what she knows.



M.P. Attardo is a twenty-something, part-time writer, full-time daydreamer. A born and bred New Yorker, she has a college degree … is still trying to figure out what on earth to do with it. She loves amateur baseball commentating, heckling, cursing, and overindulging.


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  1. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! xoxo

  2. Thank you for such a fantastic giveaway! I have noticed the increasing popularity of the New Adult genre and i am most intregued. I shall definately be adding this to my to-read list.

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