Making the Switch!

I’ve been going back and forth about switching from blogger to WordPress for months now. However, it wasn’t until a bunch of blogs that I follow all of a sudden disappeared. There was a huge panic about their accounts being deleted because of breech of contract. Luckily they all got their sites back after they were able to get a hold of someone from blogger to verify that their site wasn’t spam and wasn’t violating the contract. But I couldn’t imagine the panic of one day going to log into my blog to find out that it’s been deleted. All the hard work, I put into it just *POOF* gone because some program decided it violated the contract. Well I luckily escaped that fate but I watched it all unfold and it made me start questioning the move again. And I’ve finally come to the decision to make the move.

I am very grateful to my followers who have been with me from the beginning and have followed through GFC. You’ve watched me fumble my way through the blogging universe while I got my bearings. Just because I’m leaving blogger (and ultimately GFC) there are still ways you can follow me. I will leave the buttons below.

Also, please bear with me while I make the transition over. I’ve no idea what I’m doing or what’s in store for me. So if my site goes all wonky, don’t worry, in due time it will be back to normal… I hope.

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