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ramblings12Ramblings of a book sniffer is just that, ramblings. You may see my ramblings from time to time whenever I feel like putting my two cents in. Enjoy.


So I just recently came back from a two week trip to my hometown to see family and friends. With being in the military we don’t always have a chance to go home. It’s not only because of the Mr’s training and work but because the plane tickets are always like $800 a person! Ridiculous. So this year we decided that since we hadn’t been to NY to see family and friends in a few years, we decided to spend two weeks there. We usually don’t go for more than a week because of our fur-babies but I have a couple of amazing friends who were going to watch them for us. So we jumped on a plane and headed to the east coast.


Going back to NY is always a stressful time for us. Which is why I didn’t really have anything scheduled on BSA for our time there. Since we don’t go to visit too often, when we do it’s usually chaos. We (and by we I mean me) have so many things on our to-do list when there. For instance this trip I wanted to see the fall foliage (doesn’t exist in the desert), go to a hockey game, go winery tasting/hopping in the Finger Lakes area, go to a horse racing event, go pumpkin picking and go to a Gina Damico book signing. It just so happens that she’s from Syracuse too and always makes a stop there when on a book tour. My mom has gone to the first two book signings for me but this time I finally got to go to one. I kinda sorta planned our trip to NY around her signing but it was TOTALLY worth it!


Yup, it only took me a couple of years but I finally went to an author event/signing at a book store. It was a little awkward at first though. We showed up early, walked around the store and it was just Gina and her family sort of milling around. Do I sit and wait the 20 minutes or browse around the store? Browse around it was! I may have a book blog and day job where I talk a lot but when not working, I’m really shy. I’m pretty sure I have social anxiety. So once it was time for the show to start, my mom and I took our seats and listened as Gina talked about saying good-bye to her trilogy and starting hew new project which may or may not be called Hellhole depending on the publisher’s final decision to re-name it or not (if there’s a petition to keep the book’s name Hellhole I want to sign it!).


So yeah, our trip home was pretty jam packed with a lot of awesomeness. I flew home with some signed books to give to the babysitters as well as some other cool Syracuse items… like Hofmann’s coneys. I’m sure the TSA person was entertained by the wine, hot dogs, pickled habanero garlic and book combo in my luggage (I can’t help it, they just don’t have these things in the middle of the desert). It was fun visiting everyone but it’s just so nice to be back home with my wee book sniffers.


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