Review: A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole

A Princess in Theory
(Reluctant Royals #1)
by Alyssa Cole
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: Feb. 27, 2018
Genre: Romance

From acclaimed author Alyssa Cole comes the tale of a city Cinderella and her Prince Charming in disguise . . .

Between grad school and multiple jobs, Naledi Smith doesn’t have time for fairy tales…or patience for the constant e-mails claiming she’s betrothed to an African prince. Sure. Right. Delete! As a former foster kid, she’s learned that the only things she can depend on are herself and the scientific method, and a silly e-mail won’t convince her otherwise.

Prince Thabiso is the sole heir to the throne of Thesolo, shouldering the hopes of his parents and his people. At the top of their list? His marriage. Ever dutiful, he tracks down his missing betrothed. When Naledi mistakes the prince for a pauper, Thabiso can’t resist the chance to experience life—and love—without the burden of his crown.

The chemistry between them is instant and irresistible, and flirty friendship quickly evolves into passionate nights. But when the truth is revealed, can a princess in theory become a princess ever after?



Naledi has been an orphan ever since she was a little girl. Her parents passed away in a car crash when she was young and with no family to speak of, she found herself becoming part of the system. So when emails start spamming her inbox talking about her being some long-lost princess, she immediately deletes them. I mean, I get emails all the time saying I won a million dollars and all I have to do is give them my checking account number. With that being said, can you really blame her for rolling her eyes and telling the person who’s sending the emails to piss off? The thing is, she’s actually a princess and betrothed to the Prince of Thesolo.

I loved the concept of this story and the fact that when Prince Thabiso meets Naledi for the first time at her place of employment, she mistakes him for her new co-worker and puts him to work. Can you imagine a Prince catering an event himself? Picture dropped dishes, spilled drinks, and fondue a la blaze. Needless to say, he does not make a great first impression on Naledi. However, when he moves in next door to her, she finds herself warming up to him. She has no idea that his name isn’t really Jamal (the kid who was supposed to show up for work that day) or the fact that he is the Prince that those annoying emails keep mentioning.

I found both of the characters both strong and annoying. You see, Naledi is always at the ready to write someone off. She has this hang-up from being a foster kid that everyone will leave you. So, she continues to hold Thabiso at arm’s length. Prince Thabiso goes to New York with good intentions but quickly takes a turn into creepersville. I mean, instead of correcting Naledi when she mistakes him for someone else, or even later when they are neighbors, he continues on with the ruse. He even goes so far as to sleep with her when she has no idea what his real name is. That really bothered me. So, I wasn’t overly upset when Naledi freaked out and gave him the boot.

A Princess in Theory was a delightful read. I thought the story would just be the two of them building a connection under false pretenses but that was only half the story. I loved that the author took us on an adventure and made the story more than it seemed.



Favorite quote…

“Everybody wants something from you, but sometimes there’s a person you want to give to. Sometimes what you give them makes you better for having given it. And it makes having to give to everyone else not so bad.”



16 Thoughts on “Review: A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole

  1. Ah saw another review for this one this week but it was a bit more than yours. Sorry it wasn’t as good as you expected. Complicated when the characters are annoying

    • I guess I just wish that the hero was upfront sooner. It was a bit creepy that he kept deceiving her and lying to her. It’s hard to root for the guy when he evades the truth of who he is the whole time.

  2. I liked this one as well…a bit more than you did, but I can see why you would have issues with the characters. Secrets keeping can be so annoying at times. But so many authors use this aspect so I have just gotten used to it in romance even if it drives me crazy at times.

    Great review darling.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this one. I love the cover and the concept is super cute. I just think I would have enjoyed it so much more if he came clean a lot sooner.

  3. What a cute title! I’m not sure if this is something for me, however, I can’t help thinking the story reminds me of the movie The Prince and Me with Julia Stiles.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Not giving a real name and having sex is a big fat NO! (lol) I like the idea of him working as a caterer which sounds fun. Not quite sure about this one, but as always, totally adored your reivew. Hugs..RO

    • Yeah. That’s what got me, too. I would have been totally cool if they became friends, he came clean, they fought, and THEN got together as a couple once everything was out in the open. I just didn’t like how long he went along with the lie.

  5. Oh yeah, I would have a problem with not telling the truth and being up front about that type of thing. I can understand why you had some problems with this one.

  6. It sounds like a fun read, although I think the Prince lying for so long would have gotten to me as well.

  7. I love the initial meet you described..hilarious!

  8. This is a really fun concept for a romance. It sounds like a cute read. Great review!

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